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Apple develops iPad Pro models with larger screens

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Apple is considering offering larger sizes of iPad Pro models to consumers, with larger models likely to arrive within a few years.

Apple’s largest tablet has been the 12.9-inch iPad Pro since the product was first released.

And while the company has changed the sizes of other iPad models, including multiple modifications for smaller versions of the iPad Pro, it appears that the largest iPad sold by Apple may be subject to the same treatment consistently.

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And in the newsletter Power On From Bloomberg, journalist Mark Gorman said: “I’m told that Apple is exploring the idea of ​​a larger tablet size with engineers and designers working on versions that could arrive in at least a few years.”

Gorman further explains that the 2022 update to the iPad Pro lineup consists of models that reuse the current 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes, excluding larger versions.

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The bulletin said: Apple has engineers and designers exploring larger iPad Pro devices that could hit stores after at least two years. And it’s unlikely next year with Apple interested in a redesigned iPad Pro in current 2022 sizes.

“The big iPad would be the perfect device for a lot of people, and it continues to blur the lines between the tablet and the laptop,” she added.

There is also advice that such tablets may not be released at all.

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Bigger iPad Pro

On June 4, a report claimed that Apple is working on adding glass again to its 2022 iPad Pro lineup. This brings the product family in line with the design of the iPhone 12.

It also claims that a wireless charging system similar to MagSafe is planned. The glass back design helps in the development of the wireless charging system.

There have also been claims that Apple is working on something called reverse charging or dual charging for the iPad Pro.

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The larger screen sizes further blur the lines between the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro, which has a 16-inch screen.

However, many customers still believe that iPadOS is not taking full advantage of iPad Pro devices.

Gorman said Apple needs to allow Mac apps and Mac-like multitasking apps to work more fluidly for Windows Apps on the iPad Pro.

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