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Apple continues to lead smartphone sales

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The smartphone market is increasingly competitive, with several brands and equipment in this area, however, there is a brand that we like or dislike, it continues to lead in the sale of smartphones. It is not the brand that sells the most, but its equipment continues to be, individually, the one that sells the most.

A list of best-selling smartphones was released during the month of January this year and it is amazing how Apple leads this ranking, as they contain equipment in the first four places in the ranking, and still occupies two other places in the ranking of the Top 10 most popular smartphones. sold. But let’s look at the data.

The data is presented by Counterpoint, one of the companies that analyze this type of data and that announced data for January 2021 this weekend, showing the 10 best-selling smartphone models for January 2021. In this ranking , as you can see in the chart below, Apple’s leadership is clear.

Apple continues to lead smartphone sales

In the first three places we find the three most recent smartphones from Apple, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro, respectively in that order. Then, soon after, we were surprised to find the iPhone 11, which despite being a model launched last year remains a sales success, probably with the help of its price drop with the launch of the new 2020 models.

Only in the fifth place did we find a first non-iOS smartphone, the Redmi 9A and then log the Redmi 9. This data turns out to be interesting since we did not find a Xiaomi smartphone on this list, but we did find Redmi, a sub-company from Xiaomi, then with two input devices.

Following both of these devices we find the first Samsung, the Galaxy A21S, followed by the small version of Apple in 2020, the iPhone 12 mini, and then the Galaxy A31. Closing the top 10 is the iPhone SE 2020.

What about the top of the range Xiaomi and Samsung?

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Clearly Apple is the only manufacturer that is able to avenge itself by selling its top-of-the-range smartphones, since a large part of the market consists of entry-level smartphones and the example of this is that without counting Apple, we only have entry-level smartphones in this ranking best-selling models.

These data show that Apple has a well-defined strategy and that it works, since despite not being the market leader (this title belongs to Microsoft), it is certainly the best in selling its smartphones, namely the top models and models more expensive.

For their part, Samsung and Xiaomi, have conquered the market, and the South Korean is even the leader, thanks to the sale of smartphones from other ranges, which are the ones that conquer the market and which sell more units.

It should also be noted that it is only after the month of January that we begin to see the new high-end 2021 models from Samsung and Xiaomi arriving on the market, so it will also be curious to see if any of these models will be able to intrude in this ranking in the coming months.

Source: Counterpoint

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