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Apple claims that vibrations from motorcycles are not good for iPhone cameras

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So you mean bikers can’t use an iPhone? Power may, but Apple itself claims that it is not good for the iPhone and harm the cameras of smartphones. And the study was shared by Apple itself that says that high amplitude vibrations can result in problems for the gyroscope motors in cameras.

Apple is referring specifically to high displacement motorcycles that reach high speeds and that the vibrations caused by this situation can cause problems with the iPhones’ image stabilizers. By the way, Apple itself states that this situation happens for all smartphones that have optical image stabilized, that is, through hardware.

In case you don’t know, so that the photos don’t get blurry, either the person taking the photo can stay still or the stabilizers have to do their job. Practically all have image stabilization, and in cheaper equipment, stabilization is done digitally, ie software, while more expensive equipment offers an optical stabilizer, through hardware, which offers better quality.

The truth is that if we look at this study and know how the optical image stabilizer works, we are not surprised by this result, as you can see in the video below.

Now, as you can see, the camera moved as the smartphone moves and if we imagine the vibrations that the motorcycle has when it goes at high speed, we imagine that it doesn’t really do the equipment any good.

Apple specifically states that the degradation of the cameras is mainly due to the use of mounts by consumers to secure the iPhone to the handlebars and thus allow viewing of the equipment while traveling.

So, of course, we understand that this is not advisable, and therefore, to minimize the risk of damage, if you want to continue using your iPhone in this way, it is advisable to choose some type of support that reduces vibrations.

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