Apple campaign encourages switching from Android to iPhone

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A recent Apple campaign in Brazil is generating controversy, due to the apple brand being encouraging users to switch from Android smartphone to iPhone.

In the campaign, testimonials from people who switched to the iPhone were inserted and they prove, from their experience, that it is better than other smartphones.

iPhone Android campanha brasil 00

New Apple campaign in Brazil encourages the exchange of Android for iPhone

Apple has just launched a campaign in Brazil in which, covertly and through various content, encourages Android users to switch to iPhone.

The campaign has several advertising aspects, such as videos with testimonials from customers who prove, through their experience, that switching to iPhone is the best choice.

Check out one of the campaign videos with testimony from those who switched to iPhone:

This advertising technique is one of the most effective to give consumers confidence and credibility and, therefore, to make them change. In this case the goal is to encourage users to purchase the Apple smartphone.

This campaign has already been disseminated in other countries, such as Mexico, where the same marketing strategies are used.

iPhone Android campanha brasil 01

At campaign page we can find the highlight for several key features and functionality to convince consumers to choose the iPhone. Among them we find mention of system updates, the most popular camera in the world, simplification, the fastest smartphone chips, the App Store, the equipment's longevity, Apple TV +, among others.

There is also a section dedicated especially to the migration from Android to iOS, through the App Move feature.

iPhone Android campanha brasil 02

Possibly Apple users were happy with this campaign by the Cupertino company.

But, on the other hand, users and fans of Google's operating system did not like this comparison that makes the iPhone stand out compared to Android.

What is your opinion about this Apple campaign in Brazil?

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