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Apple attacks Google and wants to ease migration from Android to iOS

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Transferring your phone’s data from an Android device to an iPhone in its entirety is a complicated task, to say the least. Apple is now trying to make that easier, with a new update to its Move to iOS app, the first in more than five years of its existence.

Move to iOS, or switch to iOS in a free translation, is an Android app from Apple Inc that allows Android users to transfer content from their phones to an iPhone. So, like other apps of this type, Move to iOS works over a private Wi-Fi network between devices.

Apple is now introducing an update to the app to include a wider range of content that can be transferred between an Android device and an iOS device. The update will come as part of iOS 15, which is due to hit iPhones this fall, as well as the iPadOS 15, WatchOS 8 and macOS Monterey.

Apple attacks Google and wants to ease migration from Android

To date, Move to iOS allows Android users to transfer their phone data, including contacts, messages, videos, calendars, wallpapers and more, to iPhones. The iOS 15 update will also allow importing of photo albums, files, folders and user-preferred accessibility settings.

A report from the MacRumors explains that the new data transfer options will be available to users when setting up a new iPhone with iOS 15. For this, an updated version of the Move to iOS app may also be required, which is not available right now. Therefore, the feature will likely be released with the public release of iOS 15 later this year.

Once released, it will allow Android users to switch to iOS more conveniently, while keeping their favorite settings intact on their new iPhones. This, in turn, would allow for a personalized user experience from the start. It can be assumed that Apple is now focusing on bringing more Android users to iOS, which turns out to be normal, as we now know that Apple even loses a lot of users to Android.

In addition to in-app updates, Apple will also introduce a QR code to the app that Android users can easily scan. Users will be directed to the app’s download link on the Google Play Store via the QR code.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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