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Apple apologizes for the free wordpress app

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Apple backed down from its previous position on the WordPress application after it succeeded in forcing the free application to add purchases.

This comes at a time when Apple faces a legal dispute against (Epic Games) over the in-app purchases system.

Apple has asked WordPress to sell premium plans and domain names within the free app so that Apple can get its traditional fees at 30 percent.

Apple issued a rare apology, and says: WordPress will no longer have to add in-app purchases.

And Apple Word Press has reached an agreement to allow the app to remain within the App Store without in-app purchases.

Apple said in the statement: The problem with the WordPress application has been resolved, and given that the developer has removed the offer of payment options for the service from the application, it is now a free, stand-alone application and does not have to offer in-app purchases, and the developer has informed us and we apologize for any confusion caused.

The WordPress application allows you to create and manage a website directly for free; Because it is a free, open source tool that anyone can use and customize to meet their needs.

While site sells ( – separately – Domain names AndWebsite packages Of users, causing a conflict with (App Store) team.

Matt Mullenweig said (Matt Mullenweg), Developer (WordPress): Apple decided to block the WordPress application for iOS until developers include the in-app purchases system, despite the fact that the application technically does not sell anything.

Regardless of the fact that the WordPress app for iOS never offered any paid features, it included a direct link allowing users to request an upgrade to the plan through (, And Apple considered this a violation of the in-app purchase system.

According to Mark Gorman (Mark Gurman), Apple said in a statement: The WordPress platform agreed to update its app for iOS to remove any mention of its paid services, and as a result, the presence of the WordPress app for iOS is once again allowed within the app store without in-app purchases.

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