Apple announces plan to exempt carbon dioxide emissions by 2030

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As one of the brands with the most presence in the market and being one of the most valuable, it is important that Apple does not neglect certain issues that, at the moment, are a priority for the market. In this sense, the company wants to be exempt from carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

This emission-free process will include the production of its equipment, such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.

Apple announces plan to exempt carbon dioxide emissions by 2030

Product life cycle without carbon dioxide emissions

on one ambitious plan, Apple intends, by 2030, to be free of carbon dioxide emissions, that is, to achieve carbon neutrality. In fact, this objective has already been defined by the European Union, with the target in the year 2050.

In the case of Apple, the plan involves reducing carbon dioxide emissions in all of its activity, from the production line, to the life cycle of each of its products. This is because the company has already managed to reduce its carbon footprint, in the administrative and business sectors, to zero, through the use of renewable energy. Thus, this bold plan is the last step towards zero environmental impact, across the company.

In order to complete the challenge, Apple aims to be able to reduce 75% of its carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. From there, it intends to develop innovative solutions that will aim to eliminate the remaining 25%.

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Apple's actions towards carbon neutrality

Apple has outlined a 10-year plan to achieve its goal of eliminating all of its carbon dioxide emissions. To do this, he divided it into several actions. First, it will adopt materials with low environmental impact and recycled. Thus, it intends to speed up the recycling of its equipment, so that they can be used in the manufacture of new ones.

Second, it has adopted innovative measures for the equipment recycling process. This innovation includes a robot called Dave, a version 2.0 of Daisy. Going to meet its purpose, it disassembles the iPhones and allows a better recovery of the materials.

In addition, Apple will establish a partnership with Carnegie-Mellon University It is like US-China Green Fundin order to improve in the various fields to which it is proposed. Following these partnerships, Apple announced one of the largest solar panel installations in the world, in Scandinavia. Thus, it increasingly seeks innovative ways to increase the energy efficiency of the company and its partners.

apple isencao carbono03

Robot Daisy, Dave's predecessor.

A path that has been traced

Although reducing carbon dioxide emissions is a 10-year commitment, Apple started it last year. This is because the company announced that all iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch products manufactured and sold last year were produced from recycled materials. In this way, the company managed to reduce 4.3 million tonnes of emissions in 2019.

Since these three product lines are among the most sold worldwide, it is important that their production is conscious. As with other Apple products in general, since it is one of the most influential companies and brands in the world.

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