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Apple AirTag Tracker includes hidden developer menu

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Discover One of the owners of Apple’s AirTag tracker unintentionally had a hidden developer mode in the onscreen interface, which the Find My app displays when the precise search feature is activated to help locate one of the company’s trackers.

The precise search feature provides users with specific on-screen directions to find a nearby AirTag product.

IPhones with the U1 chip, included in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models, can take advantage of the feature, which combines camera input, augmented reality, audio, ultra-wideband radio technology, and haptic feedback to help locate the tracking element.

The hidden mode overlay, which appears after clicking the item’s name four times in the Accurate Search interface, displays real-time diagnostic and technical information about the feature’s operation, including the coordinates of the accelerometer, gyroscope, haptic feedback, screen resolution, tracking animation, and more.

The hidden menu reveals some background data that the service uses, and can be accessed by opening the Find My app, selecting one of the AirTag flags, and then clicking your name in the upper-left corner five times.

It is not clear what all the information means, although some classifications, such as device width, are clear.

The list appears to be a relic of Apple’s development process, with information presumably left over from an early beta version of the Find My app.

And one user suggests that the bottom four sliders relate to the different colors your screen turns into when you approach the item associated with the AirTag product.

The two top sliders are related to camera darkness and brightness, and the designation of Eco Mode appears to refer to a battery saving feature that provides a lower screen resolution, as the Find My user interfaces include an AR camera overlay that directs you to your item.

While the point options seem to indicate the number of dots that appear across the screen as part of the animation that appears as you approach your target.

Apple sells individual AirTag items for $ 29, while a four-item AirTag package can be purchased for $ 99.

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