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Apple AirPods Max headsets do not support the new Apple Music Hifi

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It looks incredible, but it’s true. It seems that Apple when it created and launched the new Apple AirPods Max were not counting on upgrading their own music application to a high-quality streaming model. That’s right, Apple AirPods Max headphones don’t support the new lossless audio settings that Apple announced yesterday, May 17th.

The latest headphones were announced in December and are the brand’s only headphones so far, despite having in its possession Beats, which offers high quality headphones.

The news was advanced today by the website The Verge, after they have already suspected this possibility and, accordingly, contact Apple to comment on this possibility, which unfortunately did not bring good news.

Apple AirPods Max headsets do not support the new Apple

Apple has confirmed that AirPods and AirPods Pro do not support Apple Music’s new lossless service, but that is acceptable, as they support AAC codesc via bluetooth and have no wired connection. But the same is not understood with the Apple AirPods Max.

If it is true that it is also perceived that via Bluetooth the headphones do not support this novelty, the possibility of being able to physically connect via the lightning cable did not allow the lossless quality access that has been talked about.

Apple explained that if the user chooses the lossless option, what will happen is that the audio will be converted analogically and rescanned to 24-bit / 48kHz, so Apple says that it will not be the pure lossless audio that is promoting, even though the sound quality is better than the “original”. However, other devices that use USB-C have already managed to support lossless audio, that is, competing products.

In addition to portable devices, Apple has also indicated that HomePod and HomePod mini will also not support lossless audio. Fortunately, not everything is bad. It is true that there will be no support for lossless, but Apple Spadial this is different.

The new Apple Music Spatial feature will work with AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, so any song that has Dolby Atoms will offer a more immersive feel than before. Does Apple think Spatial will be more interesting to consumers than lossless? Maybe that’s why you didn’t worry about it too much before.

We will have to wait until June, which is when Apple indicates that it will launch these new products on Apple Music, to understand everything and how these new products will improve its offer. In addition, if you are interested in looking for alternatives to Apple Music Hifi, we have some suggestions that are available in Portugal and Brazil.

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