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AOC launches four QHD and 4K monitors with smart USB-C connectivity

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Monitor specialist AOC expands its P2 professional line of monitors with four new displays with dimensions of 27″ (68.6 cm) and 32″ (80 cm). Each of the new monitors features USB-C connectivity, for one-cable connection to laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

In this way, it is possible to simultaneously transfer video signal, power and data to connected SSDs or hard drives. Aimed at professional users who need large screens with high resolution to display multiple applications at the same time, the U32P2CA of 32″ and the U27P2CA 27″ feature ultra sharp 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), while the Q32P2CA 32″ and the Q27P2CA 27″ have a native resolution of QHD (2560 x 1440).

These days, the workspace needs to be more flexible than ever. Many professional users are now used to using their laptops to work from anywhere. However, most would also agree that working on a small laptop screen is not as efficient as working on a big screen. The productivity gains provided by large panels and high resolutions are immense, as users can open multiple windows and perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Unlike a laptop display, working at an ergonomic desk with an adjustable height monitor means a healthier and more comfortable working environment, which is just as important.


AOC’s line of P2 monitors, dedicated to professionals, mainly offers IPS or VA panels, height-adjustable brackets, and stylish 3-sided or narrow-bezel frameless designs for the (domestic) offices of the future. The P2 line currently offers two IPS models equipped with USB-C, with the 24P2C 24″ and the 27P2C 27” in Full HD resolution. Now, AOC offers four new products, expanding its USB-C portfolio with large (27″ and 32″) and high-resolution (QHD and UHD) monitors.

O AOC U32P2CA 32” features a 4K native resolution VA panel (3840 x 2160) that delivers an exceptional 3000:1 contrast ratio. Its 350-nit brightness makes it usable even in bright lighting conditions, while its deep blacks and wide gamma coverage (119% sRGB, 97.3% AdobeRGB, 90.7% DCI-P3) deliver images rich and vivid, perfect for photo/video editors, designers and content creators. To make the most of its size and resolution, the monitor supports Picture-by-Picture mode.

For greater flexibility and an uncluttered desk, the monitor has a cable management opening on the stand and is equipped with a 4-way USB 3.2 hub to easily connect the keyboard and mouse. Thus, a laptop can be used with just a USB-C cable, and the display can be extended or shared with the monitor using the USB-C DisplayPort Alternate mode. The USB-C input lets you power and charge laptops or other devices up to 65W, while functioning as a normal USB connection to transfer files from an external drive connected to the monitor’s USB hub, for example. With peripherals connected via USB hub, a full-sized keyboard and mouse can also control the notebook via USB-C.


O AOC U27P2CA 27” also offers 4K resolution, but this time with an IPS panel. Extra sharpness due to higher pixel density at a smaller frame size and greater color accuracy make the monitor truly shine, delivering lifelike images with its wide gamma coverage. Like the 32” model, the U27P2CA also supports Picture-by-Picture mode.

Two other models with QHD resolution are the AOC Q32P2CA 32″ and the AOC Q27P2CA 27”, which feature IPS panels and a 75 Hz refresh rate. Much sharper, due to its smaller 27″ panel, the Q27P2CA offers the ideal combination of size (27″) and resolution (QHD) for the large most users. It creates rich and colorful visuals suitable for the most diverse applications, with exceptionally wide range coverage (126.5% sRGB, 108.4% AdobeRGB, 100.8% DCI-P3) suitable for graphic designers and content creators .

When the job is done, these monitors are the perfect companions for casual gaming sessions, as they come with a time of 4 ms GtG response, for fast and smooth pixel transitions, and support Adaptive-Sync, to synchronize the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU framerate and achieve visuals without loom. QHD models Q32P2CA and Q27P2CA also offer a 75 Hz refresh rate, higher than the usual 60 Hz refresh rate, providing a 25% smoother visual experience when observing fast-moving objects, or cursor movements.


All models are 100 x 100mm VESA mount compatible and include a fully ergonomic stand with 150mm height adjustment, 90° pivot orientation and a wide tilt and swivel. The 32” models have two 3W speakers, while the 27” models employ two 2W speakers. All models also have 3.5mm headphone jacks.

To provide USB-C connectivity to earlier devices without this input, all models also come with a detachable USB-C to USB-C/USB-A cable. Furthermore, using AOC’s optional VESA-P2 support, mini-PCs or NUCs can be directly linked to support these four models, creating a simple all-in-one solution, open to new upgrades.

the AOC Q32P2CA it’s the U27P2CA will be available from august 2021 with PVP of €349.00 and €399.00, respectively. the AOC U32P2CA will be available from september 2021 with PVP of €459.00. the AOC Q27P2CA will be available from October 2021 with PVP of €359.00.

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