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Android “Sharesheet” will be the only direct way to share links, photos etc.

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In fact, we never intend to allow apps to override the sharing dialog, the intention is for apps to be launched from the sharing dialog,” Google told XDA Developers.

“Being able to replace the sharing dialog is also becoming more and more impossible – I couldn’t implement the direct sharing part of the UI, nor the personal part vs. the work profile tabs on (Android) R, etc. This is simply not something viable to allow replacement of applications”; And that’s how Android 12 will now force apps into the official sharing menu.

Sharedr’s developer filed a bug report after realizing that Android 12 didn’t ask for more than what users selected between Android Sharesheet and its own application. Google said this was the intended behavior, so it was effectively preventing third-party applications from replacing their own sharing dialog.

In short, Android 12 will now prevent apps from using third-party sharing dialogs in cases where we know when I open a photo or link to share and don’t always open the same sharing dialog.

Android Sharesheet will be the only direct way to share

It turns out that’s because Android allows application developers to customize the so-called “action screen”, and create application-to-application inconsistency. For a more seamless experience, we may set third-party apps as Sharedr, and as the default screen instead of the default Android version.

However, Google plans to stop this behavior on Android 12, according to XDA Developers. Google has not said whether it will continue to allow app developers to customize the Android Sharesheet, which is what created the inconsistent user experience to begin with. For example, Samsung smartphones allow us to enable or disable direct contact sharing, as noted by the XDA developers.

We will still be able to use applications like Sharedr, but we will have to select them as an action screen application, creating an extra step.

Source: XDADevelopers

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