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Android 12 beta reveals 3 Google Pixel devices and one foldable

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It was during this week that Google announced the main new features of the new Android 12, with a clear emphasis on a huge redesign of the mobile operating system. The expectation is great and, therefore, there were many people waiting for the launch of the first public Beta version of Android 12 and, also, many programmers looking for information.

And that’s what 9to5Google did as soon as it had access to Android 12 and has already found very interesting information, with countless mentions of four unknown Pixel smartphones, with code-names that have never been used so far, so it means new smartphones. There are references to four Pixel devices and, it seems, one of them is foldable.

The following model numbers are specific to “Japanese variants of Pixel 6 and other phones”:

  • G4S1M (Pixel 5a 5G) “Barbet”
  • GR1YH (Pixel 6) “Oriole”
  • GF5KQ (Pixel 6) “Raven”
  • GPQ72 (Foldable Pixel) “Passport”

It is interesting to note that Google has been using fish species as codenames for all of its Pixel devices and also the first Nexus devices. Given that three of the four codenames are now bird species, it could mean that Google is planning a significant change with the new Pixels … or maybe not.

Android 12 beta reveals 3 Google Pixel devices and one

As 9to5Google indicates, the existence of a new foldable Pixel is pure speculation at this point. The report refers to an unreleased version of Pixel 4 with 5G connectivity with the code name “Needlefish”, which was identified as early as 2019 and even found in the recent version of Android 12 Beta, but this device never made it to production. Although the mention of “Passport” is exciting, it does not necessarily guarantee that such a device will ever reach the market.

In fact, we saw all four of those codenames in August 2020. An internal document that was released mentioned those same four codenames, which sparked speculation that Google was working to launch a foldable device. As revealed in a related report, one of these Pixel devices may have a 6.67-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Source: 9to5Google

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