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Analysis of the new SOSapostas: a must-have tool for the gambler

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One could not go through this period of great European celebration without giving any emphasis to Euro 2020, played between June 11th and July 11th, 2021. This type of major international sporting event is always a great opportunity not to be missed for any sector of the economy and, of course, there are websites and technologies that give a greater focus to this type of event.

This is also the case of the SOSapostas support site. For many years this has been one of the great references of bettors, who find in it several valuable resources on which they rely to place their bets, completely free of charge.

A site entirely powered by several sports enthusiasts – namely football – and who allied that passion with another hobby: sports betting, from which many started to live. A very interesting cocktail, thanks to which they created an extensive community, which comes to seek inspiration and greater adrenaline, especially to experience competitions like this one in the European Championship.

Analysis of the new SOSapostas a must have tool for the


With the European Championship on the horizon, SOSapostas completely renewed the website, which over the years had changed little. Its refurbishment was complete, the interface was much clearer and more pleasant and was launched in mid-May, at the same time.

With this remodeling, it was also decided that the site would start to specialize exclusively in supporting bettors, through sports forecasts and forecasts, abandoning its live results section and comparison with odds, but maintaining the analysis and rankings of bookmakers, which by the way, is more prominent.

Right on the website’s home page, the ranking of best betting sites according to SOSapostas today, permanently updated, appears in the center. Just below this table, the famous sports forecasts appear. Several dozen games a week have your prediction. These two are the main services of the new SOSapostas. But there is more.

Just below the match predictions, there are also complete predictions about around 15 major competitions, including NBA or Tennis Masters (when the time comes). In other words, we have a prediction of the future champion of each one. Finally, news about sports betting arrives, in which, with some frequency, experts highlight the most interesting promotions for bettors, on different betting sites.

Bookmakers analysis

More than 10 houses are analyzed, taking several aspects into consideration, not only the most interesting for the common bettors, such as the level of the odds or even the value of the welcome bonus, but also taking into account points such as security what the site features or about the quality of the customer support department.

Each ranking betting site has its own detailed test, in which all points of the analysis are explained and justified. SOSapostas also assigns a score to the items it deems most important, as well as communicating about the promotional codes needed to benefit from special welcome offers. This type of work is essential to guide bettors to the best sites, where, after seeing the tests by SOSapostas, there will be no negative surprises.


What users look for the most on the site are the prognoses for each game, given by the professional tipsters of SOSapostas. The context of each game is explained, and before advising on a bet, they also justify it with a series of statistics and key points, as proof of the total objectivity of each prediction. In addition, they reveal in which betting site the best odds for the bet in question are found. Very useful for all players, as in the medium term, the difference in potential earnings can be hundreds of euros.

Of course, currently the focus is given to the UEFA European Championship, with all matches in the competition accompanied with its duly justified prediction. And at this time of celebration, after endless months of pandemic, these prognostics from SOSapostas can be the best ally of many people, who under other conditions could let themselves be carried away by the heat of the tournament and fall into the temptation of placing impossible bets, focused on possible gains.

Advice and analysis in each game is very important to put ideas back in place, even if each one’s bet turns out to be different from the suggested bet. Compared to Euro 2021, there is more. Very early the professional tipsters of SOSapostas established a prediction about the future winner of the competition, in succession to Portugal. Once again, everything is explained, with statistics and fundamental numbers, in addition to the feeling of its authors, which is very pleasant and can inspire many.


For all these reasons, the new SOSapsotas website should be taken into account as one of the most essential internet tools at a time when many people turn to sports betting, in the euphoria of a great competition like the 2020 European Championship.

Statistics, tips, advice, tests made to other notable sites (the famous bookmakers), everything is up to date and deserves all the attention of football fans with a natural curiosity for online sports betting.

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