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Analysis of Eco Audio by Energy Sistem – the future is here

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Sustainability and ecology are words and concepts that go hand in hand more and more and 2020 seems to have consolidated this intention of us all being a little more cautious with the future of the planet.

Taking advantage of this trend, the Spanish Energy Sistem launched a product line in a range called Eco Audio which were made with wood and materials 100% respectful of the environment. Enjoying music in a sustainable way is the purpose of the collection, but it has not neglected the sound quality or the innovations that are expected in this range of products.

The Eco Bluetooth speaker has a wooden (beech) case and organic fabric with a small handle that makes it transportable. Not being a typical home speaker, does not disappoint when integrated into a modern and clean.

There are no protruding buttons. The control panel is activated by touch (which sometimes causes an accidental slide of the finger to stop the activity in progress). At the rear there is a headphone jack, the charger jack (which is included) and a jack for a pen USB that lets you play audio files. Full, the battery has a battery life of about eight hours – the full day work as it is so often referred to and desired. You can also listen to FM radio on the device, but it is not easy to reach a “clean” tuning.

eco audio da energy sistem o futuro passa por aqui 2

The possibility of the pen to reproduce audios seems to me excellent for journalists, for example, who, in the context of reporting, thus have a good way of listening to work material without difficulties, with enough definition, and without overloading the laptop or leaving it. to “crawl” with several simultaneous tasks. Or to liven up a children’s party with a previously recorded children’s story … the list of ideas will be very extensive.

But it is in the Bluetooth connection that the added value of this speaker. This way, we can connect it to a Spotify or iTunes and “party” anywhere. The sound is quite reasonable and has a nice definition for the size of the speaker. In addition to being a good option for all activities that involve portability, it still solves that technological breakthrough that less modern cars still don’t have very well – the possibility of pairing the device to the car radio and answer calls without having to resort to the forbidden gesture of touching the phone to the ear or the always difficult task of the loudspeaker. The sound doesn’t wake up the neighbors, but it has a good definition and is an excellent companion for when we go on vacation or for that retreat in the country house where we definitely don’t take the computer.

eco audio da energy sistem o futuro passa por aqui 3

Of note is the TWS system – True Wireless Stereo – to pair two speakers and play music at the same time. Once paired with a mobile phone, it is memorized, avoiding the repetition of this process every time the speaker is turned on.

Details matter, we already know, and that’s how we like to receive orders. The products in this range are mainly made with wood from sustainable forests and with environmentally friendly materials that minimize the environmental impact, reducing the amount of plastic and paper used. This was immediately visible in the unboxing where the only plastic is in the adhesive tape that seals the outer packaging; everything else is only on cardboard and only what is necessary for safe product travel. Say hello to sustainable music – a piece of the future, no doubt.

We already thank Energy Sistem for providing the equipment for testing and you can buy it at your local official store.


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