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‘Among Us’ will have rooms for 15 players and a new style

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The new ´Airship´ map of the game is available for download this week, and Innersloth will add a persistent account system to the successful game. Although it is not mandatory to create an account, some features will be locked if you decide not to do so. ´developer´ said the system is focused on reporting and moderation.

There are safer measures to be taken between us for everyone and, in particular, children. They also help the game to comply with regulations in some countries. You will need to create an account to change the display name, otherwise you will be in Guest Mode and you will have to choose a random name.

You’ll also need an account to use the free chat feature, or you’ll be stuck with pre-defined messages in the Quickchat menu (however, many players use a third-party voice chat application like Discord). However, you don’t have to worry about a ‘gold rush’ for usernames. Multiple people can have the same.

Among Us will have rooms for 15 players and a

Children under 13 years of digital consent (13 in most countries) will need permission from a parent or guardian to access free chats, create an account or change their display name. The update will add reporting options for things like inappropriate names and chat, cheating, hacking, harassment and misconduct. Innersloth may temporarily or permanently ban players who violate the code of conduct.

The developer plans to add a friend system later, which could help you avoid having to use invitation codes for private lobbies. Eventually, you’ll also be able to transfer items between platforms. An option to link multiple accounts (ie via Steam, Epic, mobile and Switch) is coming soon. The game’s new Aircraft map is available for download today, and after a long wait, the latest map from Among Us, the Airship, is available for download today.

With it comes the biggest update that the programmer Innersloth has released for the game so far. Included in the package is a persistent account system and an extensive collection of new hats. However, the studio has even bigger changes planned for the future.

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In a blog post detailing today’s update, Innersloth says it is working on introducing 15-player lobbies and a renewed style. Interior artist Marcus B “completely” updated the visuals to clean up visuals and facilitate the animation process. “We can’t wait to see it soon,” said Victoria Tran, community director for the studio.

Innersloth has promised to share a more detailed resource roadmap in the future and do a better job of letting the community know what’s going on in the studio. With two new signings, it also hopes that future updates won’t take that long to be delivered. In the meantime, you can now download the new map for PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Engadget

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