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Among Us is free on the Epic Store: Enjoy it’s for a limited time

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Epic Games seeks to increase its subscribers and promises to be an increasingly serious competitor to Steam in providing games. For a few months now, it has been offering free games to its users weekly for a limited time, which after downloading are available in your account so you can play whenever you want. An excellent offer.

If one of the great successes of Epic Games was the availability of GTA V completely free, with several other very interesting games already available, now it was the turn of a game also highly acclaimed by players, Among Us, to be made available for download completely free from the Epic Store.

As part of their latest offering, the Epic Games Store is unveiling a new free mystery game every week. Over the next week, players can pick up the multiplayer imposter hunting game.

Among Us became one of the most popular games in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing family and friends to socialize with an easy-to-understand game about cheating. Among Us is a digital and sci-fi version of the party game Mafia, where a group of players are secretly imposters who must kill their crewmates without their allies discovering their identity.

Among Us is free on the Epic Store Enjoy its

Epic started its Mega Sale earlier this month, offering NBA 2K21 as its first free game, and now it’s Among Us’s turn to join the games already available to users from the Epic Games Store.

How do I download Among Us Free?

To download the game, you can do it through the official website. Epic Store.

On the official page, just swipe down a bit and you’ll find an area where free games stand out, where you’ll find Among Us. In this area you’ll have to select the game and then click Get.

After this step, you will have to login to your account. If you already have an account, just login and you can download it to your computer. If not, create a new account and if you need help, we explain how to do it below.

Enjoy and fast, as the game will be available for free download only until the 3rd of June.

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