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Amazon will bet heavily on Televisions

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Amazon is known for being one of the world’s leading online stores, with a global footprint almost unique in the world. However, the truth is that it has also stood out in technological terms, with the launch of its own product in certain sectors of the technological market. One of his great innovations was Alexa, his personal assistant, who is already present in several devices.

Obviously Amazon Echo, with Alexa, is one of their best-selling products and is part of many homes around the world. However, the company doesn’t seem to want to stop here and is already betting on a new product for your home, which is also expected to be fully integrated with Alexa and which it will use quite often: a TV.

Amazon is currently working with television manufacturers such as TCL to create and launch an Amazon branded TV. The launch should take place in the United States in October, reports the Business Insider, which adds that it will have large screens, starting at 55 inches and going up to 75 inches.


Amazon will integrate its virtual assistant, Alexa and with this launch it intends, of course, to compete directly with the Apple TV ecosystem. Amazon said it will build its own ecosystem, consisting of the TV, Alexa’s artificial intelligence assistant voice services, Amazon Prime Video programming, as well as its retail platform.

According to what was disclosed, for about two years Amazon has been working on this launch, which is the result of a collaboration between Amazon Devices divisions and Lab126, a reputable company in the retail area.

Amazon currently sells a device known as Amazon Basics TV in India for around €500, the price of which depends on the size of the TV chosen, however, the device is made together with other Radiant electronic devices, unlike the TCL models expected in the US.

The company has also partnered with other companies to pre-install Fire TV software on their best Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions, similar to what Google did with Android TV.

If Amazon launches its own TV set with Alexa, the company takes a step forward with regard to the development of its range of home electronics products, and it is expected that the company will increase its number and sales at the end of the year. In this market, Amazon has competitors to match, examples of which are Samsung and LG, which, in recent times, have presented innovative solutions

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