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Amazon plans to build a wall-mounted Echo device

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Amazon is developing a new thin Echo device with a large wall-mounted touchscreen to function as a smart home console, video chatting device, and media player, according to To report New from Bloomberg.

The company’s Lab126 hardware division designs the device as a digital command center, shows users upcoming calendar events, controls accessories such as lights and locks, and plays music and videos.

This includes Alexa voice assistant and Amazon’s microphones and cameras for video conferencing.

The product competes with smart home control screens from the likes of Control4 Corp., as well as framed iPads on the wall, and even Amazon’s Echo Show used with an external wall mount.

Amazon is considering multiple models with 10 or 13-inch screens, and the 10-inch screen will be on par with the current Echo Show, while the 13-inch model will be the largest device with a screen for Amazon.

The company plans to launch it either at the end of this year or the end of 2022, and prices ranging from $ 200 to $ 250 have been discussed internally, although the plans are still early and can be changed or canceled completely.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that Amazon has shown an interest in wall devices, as the company announced in 2018 the Echo Wall Clock, an analog watch that displays timers with Alexa speaker.

Several different accessories are also available for wall mounting Echo speakers via the Amazon website.

Given that the planned device is designed for wall mounting, it will be much smaller in size than the current Echo Show.

Amazon introduced the first Echo device with a screen in 2017, and since then it has launched many different shapes with different screen sizes.

Last year, the company unveiled a model that includes a screen that rotates to follow the user around the room during a video call.

And mounting the device to the wall could give owners more options for determining where to locate it in the home, rather than having to find free space at the table or desk.

The rumored product joins another Aleska device also believed to be under development, a sleep tracker equipped with radar, which is designed to sit at a bedside table and sense in your breath.

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