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Amazon plans to accept BITCOIN payments by the end of the year

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Second is advanced by the website cityam, Amazon is planning to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment by the end of the year, citing internal sources. The announcement came after the technology giant published job offers to work with cryptocurrency and blockchain, being necessary to successfully perform the task, knowledge of “digital currency units and blockchain”.

The first big step will be for Amazon to accept Bitcoin payments by the end of this year. In addition to Bitcoin, Amazon is planning to work with seven more types of cryptocurrencies in the future, namely Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin Cash. But the company intends to go even further, aiming to create its own cryptocurrency (PrimeCoin?).

Amazon says that, after accepting Bitcoin, as a payment method, the acceptance of other cryptocurrencies will naturally arise: “It won’t be long because the plans have already been outlined, they have been working since 2019. This project is practically ready to be executed”.

Amazon plans to accept BITCOIN payments by the end of

Users who, in the future, use Amazon’s own cryptocurrency will have access to special advantages and conditions, namely being able to pay for goods and services or earn tokens through a loyalty system, in which the consumer benefits.

It remains to be seen how this process will unfold, as it is not the first large company that intends to develop its own cryptocurrency. We all remember Facebook, which recently also started the process of creating a cryptocurrency, Lira, which at the time brought together large companies such as Visa, Paypal and Uber, but which ended up not coming out of the paper.

In the market, Bitcoin posted its biggest increase in more than six weeks yesterday, trading at more than $39,000 for the first time since June 16, after e-commerce giant Amazon announced its openings. recruitment, which ended up influencing the price of virtual coins.

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