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Amazon plans Alexa, Echo, Kindle and Fire launch event

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That is, on September 28 at 5 pm in Portugal and 1 pm in Brasília, and although the company seems to be striving to keep things as vague and mysterious as possible, history strongly suggests that Alexa will be the center of attention for the giant of the e-commerce next Tuesday.

Of course, it’s practically impossible to predict exactly what it will be, as there are more new things to come from other manufacturers in the near future, and the objective is clear: a strong bet for Christmas sales. And the expectation is high, compared to Amazon.

What we can be relatively sure of is that Amazon will continue to flood the smart speaker market with many different models and other products, especially now that Google has moved to number one in that US market, in the invitation sent by Amazon, via The Verge, the only reference is there will be news regarding the latest Amazon products, features and services.


As Echo Show 5 and 8 have already been updated this year, we can probably expect the “normal” Echo and the little Echo Dot. Then there is the Echo Studio, launched in 2019, which has not yet received a single successor, in another area, the Echo Buds family, that Amazon will always be able to improve the product, to face Apple’s great success, the AirPods, as well. like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, trying to offer better wireless headsets.

In addition to the Echo-branded things for your smart home, Amazon may introduce new Kindles and Fire tablets. The latest Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, for example, is nearly three years old, while the base Fire 7 tablet is also stretching its useful life too long after a 2019 launch with the same low-resolution screen and the usual modest general specs.

Knowing Amazon, there can always be surprises in store, so we will follow the event and let you know all the news.

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