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Amazon is negotiating the purchase of MGM

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A new strategy to grab the desired entertainment and streaming market is being designed for Amazon. At the moment when the race for video streming gains a high number of suitors, it is important to ask what Amazon can do to provide more exclusive and attractive content.

As far as is known, and the information conveyed by The Information, Variety and New York Times, is that they support the rumors, Amazon is considering to disburse no less than no less than US $ 9 billion to buy MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) – North American mass communication company, mainly operating in the domain of production and distribution of films, as well as television programs.

The acquisition of MGM also means the acquisition of a film library that includes film franchises such as James Bond, The Hobbit, Stargate and Robocop, in addition to thousands of other films. In 2017, MGM also acquired full ownership of the Epix channel.

Last week, Amazon had announced the return of a former executive, Jeff Blackburn. This executive would be back at Amazon for the purpose of overseeing the company’s business, including Amazon Studios and Twitch. Furthermore, it is understood that behind Jeff’s return to Amazon is also the opportunity to manage the MGM library.

Amazon is negotiating the purchase of MGM

The rumors surrounding the business of MGM’s purchase by Amazon date back to January this year, when a report was published by Forbes, although neither party has guaranteed the closing of the deal.

Taking into account the movements of the players in the domain of video streaming services and content production, the moment seems to be opportune for the implementation of the new strategy of Amazon. On the one hand, Netflix has joined forces with Sony Pictures, on the other, AT&T sells warnerMedia and Disney + continues to launch Star Wars / MCU content.

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