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Amazon gets encrypted messaging app Wickr

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Cloud computing company Amazon has acquired Wickr, an encrypted messaging platform used by government agencies and businesses, reports announced company. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The announcement comes as Amazon cloud computing looks to attract more government business.

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As a result, AWS got into a protracted legal battle with Microsoft over the Pentagon’s multi-billion dollar cloud deal. Thousands of government agencies use Amazon’s cloud computing services.

In a blog post, Stephen Schmidt, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at AWS, said: The need for secure communications services like those offered by Wickr has accelerated as the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many to embrace mixed work environments.

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“Wickr’s secure communications solutions help organizations and government organizations adapt to this change in their workforces and are a useful addition to the growing suite of collaboration and productivity services that AWS provides to customers and partners.”

A notice posted via Wickr’s website confirmed the acquisition. He said: Since our establishment ten years ago, we have grown to serve organizations across a wide range of industries, all over the world. Together with AWS, we look forward to taking our solutions to the next level for our customers and partners.

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Amazon acquires Wickr:

Wickr offers a free app to the public, along with a paid service geared toward supporting military communications.

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The San Francisco-based startup counts the Department of Defense as one of its clients. Reports in April said US Customs and Border Protection had purchased Wickr’s licenses.

Furthermore, Wickr considers itself the only fully functional collaboration service to meet all security standards set by the National Security Agency.

“The innovator Wickr has developed the most secure communications technology and end-to-end encryption,” said Schmidt, who spent a decade at the FBI. This is in reference to the company’s ever-growing relations with the military and Washington in general.

“Wickr’s features give security-conscious organizations and government agencies the ability to implement critical governance and security controls to help them meet their compliance requirements.”

In addition, Wickr was popular with journalists and whistleblowers, and it was also a favorite of criminals.

It’s not clear if Amazon’s ownership of it affects the app’s popularity for free users.

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