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Amazon employees are calling on Jeff Bezos to support Palestine

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More than 500 employees of the Amazon company signed an internal letter to Jeff Bezos calling on the company to recognize the plight of the Palestinian people, and this step comes after the Israeli air strikes in Gaza left 248 martyrs.

Staff wrote: We ask the leadership of Amazon to acknowledge the ongoing assault on the basic human rights of Palestinians under an illegal occupation without using language indicating a symmetry of power or a circumstantial equation, which reduces and distorts the turmoil, devastation and death inflicted on the Palestinians disproportionately in recent days and over a period of several Decades.

They said: Amazon employs Palestinians in offices of Tel Aviv, Haifa and around the world, and that ignoring the suffering that Palestinians and their families face at home erases our Palestinian colleagues at work.

Employees want the company to terminate employment contracts with organizations complicit in human rights violations, such as the IDF.

Amazon and Google signed in April A decade $ 1.2 billion for cloud computing with the Israeli government.

The memo echoes similar petitions from Apple and Google employees.On May 18, Jewish Google employees wrote a letter to Sundar Pichai calling on the company to reject any definition of anti-Semitism that views criticism of Israel or Zionism as anti-Semitic, and Apple’s Muslim employees wrote a similar message to the company’s leadership.

Muslim tech workers say CEOs have been slow to express support for the Palestinians or condemn the violence in Gaza.

Many feel that their CEOs are choosing to ignore Israeli human rights violations because the situation is precarious, and the result is that Muslim tech workers feel underestimated and ignored.

The message said: Amazon has stood and led public initiatives to acknowledge the injustices faced by many societies, and besides taking a public stance on inequality, Amazon took the time to absorb and reflect on how to change the culture within the company to create a more inclusive and positive environment for all employees.

She added: We are writing today on a pressing issue of human rights violations against the Palestinian people, and as employees of Amazon, we believe that it is our moral responsibility to show solidarity and speak on behalf of millions of Palestinians who, for decades, have been stripped of their voices, their humanity and their oppression.

The letter appealed to Amazon’s leadership to take the following actions: Protect Ensure freedom of expression and recognition of suffering, create a relief fund for Palestinians affected by military violence, and establish human rights as an imperative of Amazon’s business and operations.

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