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Amazon bets on reseller program to fight waste

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Amazon has announced two new “programs” that will allow used or returned products to be re-marketed on its platform, preventing them from going to waste. In this way, the technological giant helps to combat waste and offers its users the possibility of making some extra money.

The idea comes as a result of having verified that in several Amazon warehouses, many are the products that are new (due to not having been sold or having been returned), and that are destroyed.

Currently, companies that use Amazon to sell their products pay a monthly fee to keep their stock up to date in Amazon’s warehouses. When products are not sold, they accumulate and are often destroyed so that companies can save some money, as they pay for occupied space.


Amazon has announced that, on average, it destroys about 200,000 products a week at the Dunfermline warehouse in Scotland. And many of them are completely new.

It is following these events that Amazon launches two programs to combat waste. One of the programs is for products that have already been used, and that have information about their current state. Currently only those in the UK can access the programme. The company plans to make it available to the United States by the end of the year, followed by countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain early next year.

Amazon also launches the FBA Liquidation, intended for companies to sell products that have been returned or that have a very large stock, at more competitive prices. The products can be sold through different partners, and the program is currently available in countries such as the United States, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Amazon wants to expand the FBA Liquidation to the UK later this month.

Amazon had already been accused, several times, of wasting gigantic amounts of products and even Greenpeace had already been contacted regarding this situation.

Source: The Verge

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