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Amazon Appstore already exists in Microsoft Store for Windows 11

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There is little for Windows 11 to be officially launched for users, and this new version of Microsoft’s operating system brings many new features, as is normal, but there is one that stands out, and that Microsoft itself highlighted, the possibility of install Android apps through the Microsoft Store.

It was quickly speculated how that would happen, and Microsoft ended up confirming that the way to install applications from Google’s mobile operating system on Windows 11 would happen through an official application store. But it wasn’t the Play Store, but a partnership that Microsoft established with Amazon, to use the Amazon AppStore.

As a reminder, Google itself allows other Android application stores, something Apple does not allow on iOS, however the Amazon AppStore has its presence on Kindle devices, Amazon tablets that have a strong market presence in the USA, for example, as the Kindle, in addition to using Android and offering tablet features, started with a focus on e-readers. So, this is also an opportunity for Amazon to expand its presence on devices, with a big leap.

Is that with this partnership, in addition to Kindle devices, Amazon AppStore will be part of many Windows computers, obviously after Windows 11 is released and it is possible to install the application store. Since most computers use Windows, the possibility of Amazon AppStore growth is huge and will be very good for both sides: Amazon increases its presence and, in this way, it will be even easier to “convince” programmers to put the their apps on the Amazon AppStore, while Microsoft adds a way (“no big job”) to add the ability for Windows 11 users to take advantage of Android apps.

Amazon AppStore already appears on Windows 11

Microsoft will start with the Amazon app store, but it has already guaranteed that it will be open for other app stores to be available in the Microsoft Store as well, so surely other well-known stores will emerge.

However, Microsoft has already guaranteed that this functionality will not be available from the start. For starters, for the applications to work, a subsystem for Android is needed, which is not yet available in Beta versions, Windows for Insiders, so we already know that we will have to wait a little longer.


But today’s news is that it is already “available” to Amazon AppStore on Microsoft Store for Windows 11. However, it is not available to everyone. Amazon’s app store is already visible, but to install a coupon is necessary, and the reference that the store’s availability is for testing is clear, as we already know without the Android subsystem it’s not possible to add applications. But it’s still good news.

This means that Microsoft will already be testing Android applications and, probably, the way to test further is with the Amazon AppStore available in the Microsoft Store, so it is blocked for installation by users.

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