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Amazon and its obsession with tracking when you shop

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Although Amazon is built on a complex web of infrastructure and opaque business practices. However, its success in selling depends on knowing what millions of people are buying each day.

Amazon is one of the most obsessed with collecting data. And theHe said The company’s chief technology officer in 2005: It’s trying to gather as much information as possible so it can provide visitors with recommendations. As it expanded, so did the data collection process.

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And theThe company has spent years enhancing its strength and reach, which makes Online shopping is very convenient.

It is now in a position to collect huge amounts of data through its shopping platform And its various products, such as Ring cameras, Alexa voice assistant, web services, delivery services, streaming services, and others.

Amazon is now moving into healthcare, which is concerning.

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Amazon tracks you and collects your data:

The information and data that Amazon collects about you comes from three sources:

  • Data you provide when using their products.
  • Information that it collects automatically.
  • Data you obtain from third parties.

The ultimate goal of collecting all this data is to help them sell more things to you. For example, the company uses your personal information to show you recommendations for things it thinks you might buy.

The company can also learn about the most popular sellers and people’s shopping behaviour. Personal data about shopping is very sensitive, as it can tell you about a person’s health status, political leanings and much more.

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Consumers buy all kinds of products from Amazon, In addition to personal data from Alexa, this can become even more dangerous.

So everything you do through the company’s website, apps or any of its products is saved in some way.

Every purchase, every show you watch on Prime Video, every song you listen to on Amazon Music, and every command you use with Alexa is tracked and stored.

The automatic information that Amazon collects relates to how and when its products are used.

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For example, journalist Riccardo Coloccini received a table with 12,048 rows detailing all the clicks he made on Amazon.

Although, it is not uncommon for Amazon to collect and record all interactions you have with its products. But this information accumulates quickly.

What does Amazon do with the data:

according to Privacy policy The Company confirms that the data it collects can be used to improve its services. The other type of information they collect about you comes from third parties.

This includes updated delivery addresses account and purchase information from merchants with whom it has joint business and information about interactions with its affiliates and information about the devices you’ve linked to Alexa.

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How to stop being tracked:

It is impossible to stop them from tracking you completely as long as you are shopping or using one of their products. But there are some steps you can take to limit the information they can collect and use.

Some tools are provided by the company itself, while others involve modifying your browser settings and using other tools.

And if you’re concerned about what data Amazon has stored about you, you can use the Download Your Data feature to see some of it. While this gives you little information about what you have about yourself, you can request access to your data to get everything.

In addition, there are some privacy features provided by the Company that can improve your privacy when using the Website or a Product.

For example, Alexa has privacy features where you can delete recordings and manage privacy settings. But for the majority of other information you need your main Amazon account.

You can stop showing personalized ads based on your interests and likes. You should also consider turning off cookies, which allow third parties to collect your information.

Amazon’s list of partners that use cookies includes more than 75 companies, such as Facebook and many others.

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Unlike Amazon’s own tools, you can use a privacy-focused browser like Brave, which disables Cookies automatically and prevents you from being tracked.

And if you don’t want your searches to be linked to your Amazon account, you need to browse the site without logging in.

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