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Amazing: Will we see a drone inside a smartphone soon?

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In our area, we applaud any type of innovation and today we share some images created based on a patent registration made by Vivo that, without a doubt, surprises and, at the same time, it is incredible if it comes to fruition.

In this new patent, found by the Lets Go Digital website, which also ended up creating conecpt images based on the patent, we can see a small drone that is integrated inside the smartphone. Amazing isn’t it? Without a doubt, it’s something we want to try, if it ends up hitting the market.

As detected by LetsGoDigital, the patent shows the drone exiting the top of the phone with four miniature motors on board. It has infrared sensors to avoid nearby obstacles, and not one, but two cameras to take photos in flight.

Amazing Will we see a drone inside a smartphone soon

From the diagrams included, it looks like you’ll have to manually pull the drone out before putting it in your path – but taking off with just the press of a button would be pretty cool.

We’re assuming that the drone would be controlled by an application on the smartphone itself, allowing it to adjust its position and take photos and videos, but it’s likely that all these details still need to be sorted out by the Vivo team.

Although we may not have many details about this smartphone drone right now, it will have to work within certain limitations: it will have to be very small and light, so there is no need to expect a large battery and/or flight time.

Until now, Vivo phones are best known for their excellent value for money rather than their cutting-edge, innovative technology, but a smartphone with a real drone inside would certainly change that – if the company is able to do it.

There are many patents registration, and we also know that many ideas end up not coming out of the paper, because when trying to turn an idea into reality, it may not be possible in the way you imagined. But, without a doubt, we hope that Vivo (or another company) can make this ideal a real product.

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