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AllStars Destruction on PS5 is worth a lap, but it lacks longevity

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PlayStation Plus members should definitely give Destruction AllStars a go. You can’t argue with the low subscription price, which is free, fees aside – and if you’re one of the lucky few who got access to a PlayStation 5, it’s a good excuse to play a real multiplayer ´next-gen´ game with your friends for the first time.

visuals are impressive, and live up to the previously revealed teaser trailers, while the characters are quirky and unique. The game takes full advantage of the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback technology, which also help deliver that next generation feel.

Destruction AllStars is a good basis for testing the potential of PS5, but unfortunately for this ‘vehicle-fighting game’ based on an automotive arena, it can result in a very boring experience… and fast. Destruction AllStars, and in summary, seems to try to achieve many games at once, without standing out in any area in a meaningful way. It also seems to be missing a battle pass or some kind of progression system to help keep people playing, although one of these mechanics is on the way.

AllStars Destruction on PS5 is worth a lap but it

Twisted Metal’s DNA runs through this game, although filtered through a more modern Rocket League aesthetic. The famous Burnout directional shunt mechanics have also been introduced here to a large extent, and this is undoubtedly where the game achieves its greatest success.

It’s great to get into other players’ cars, and older players will be reminded of the original PlayStation Destruction Derby, when the stacks are particularly frantic.

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Of course, the game has some great elements, says the author of the article, but I would like the ´developers´ to have focused more on one of these inspirations instead of all – unfortunately, everything that surrounds the mechanics of Burnout, only serves to drag the game to a level below.

Driving looks satisfyingly heavy on Destruction AllStars. You are always pushing the sticks of the controller to align a spectacular accident, and when you lose (and prepare to lose a lot) it is often agonizing. You spend a lot of time trying to position yourself during games, spinning around and feeling disoriented. But when you get into a nasty pile, your adrenaline will go up.

Chaos is also surprisingly organized. When several cars get stuck in each other, they all awkwardly start to invert or leave the engine wrapped. And getting out of the car to cross the map on foot must be incredible, but we’re not convinced that it adds much to the actual gameplay. Jumping and delimiting the cars seems nice in slow-motion close-up images in the main menu, but this is far from the ´ingame´ reality.

“Destruction AllStars is, by nature, a competitive game, but it will be easier to enjoy if you take that aspect away and focus on having fun.” The parkour sections are peppered on top of the maps, providing puzzles that you can complete with ‘jems’ that allow you to build your skill counters. The only time being out of your car really makes sense is in the ‘Stockpile ’game mode, one of only four currently in the game.

´Stockpile´ sees you joining the gears of destroyed conductors. This provokes some of the potential of this idea, but it still won’t be very convincing. The same goes for Carjacking Mechanic, which is strongly designed against the driver, who will have to move the stick on the remote to escape, quickly pulling players out of their way. It is best to accept defeat and try to escape as quickly as possible when that happens, as there is always a steady stream of new cars – strangely it will never be too complicated.

1612697015 765 AllStars Destruction on PS5 is worth a lap but it

Outside of the aforementioned Stockpile, the game offers a mode called Gridfall, a variation of the Fall Guys Hex-A-Gon minigame. There is also Mayhem, a more stoic demolition derby. Players must accumulate points by destroying others and then destroying their own car in a giant tornado to collect the points. Destruction AllStars is by nature a competitive game, and any momentary carelessness robs you of any esports potential because you cannot find a significant balance between competition and casual dexterity.

If you like to play, don’t worry too much about winning, just turn off your gray matter and start crushing the place. “It might survive for free and one of the few PlayStation 5 exclusives on the market, but it won’t really hold your attention for long, especially if you’re looking for a game with substance that can be played regularly with friends.” There are 16 characters in Destruction AllStars, and the character designs themselves are fantastic: there is a card-headed postman wearing short shorts, a Tony the Tiger cosplayer and a Russian influencer.

This may be a story of redemption, but for the moment, this ´chaotic hero smasher´ is fun for a few hours, but quickly loses its admirable initial shine.

Source: Techradar

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