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All the leaks of the Pixel 6 phone and the professional version of it

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Leaks and images of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones began appearing on the Internet, and this means that the date of their release is approaching.

There have been leaks about the existence of a third phone from the Pixel family, but there is no reliable source that talks about it extensively.

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Here are the most important rumors about the new Pixel phones from Google.

Design and screen:

All the leaks of the Pixel 6 phone and the

According to leaks that came from a reliable leaker OnleaksThe phones come with an AMOLED screen that is distinguished in color accuracy.

The Pixel 6 comes with a 6.4-inch 1080p screen, and the Pixel Pro phone comes with a 6.7-inch screen and QHD + resolution.

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The two phones rely on a fingerprint sensor under the screen in addition to the screen support for a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The design of the phones differs from last year in the disappearance of the fingerprint sensor at the back in addition to the presence of a new colored chip on top of the cameras at the back of the device.

New camera lenses:

Pixel 6

Pixel phones have one of the most powerful cameras in Android phones in general, and it competes in its performance with the iPhone in its image processing.

Phones follow in the family’s footsteps, as the usual Pixel 6 phone comes with a dual camera, and there is no information on the quality or accuracy of the lenses.

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But the Pixel 6 Pro phones will come with a triple-lens camera, and the main lens comes with a 50-megapixel sensor with an ultra-wide-angle lens and an 8-megapixel lens for optical zoom.

And the front camera comes right in the middle of the screen, and there is no information yet about its sensor.

Processor and phone performance:

There are many rumors that Google will use its own processor called Whitechapel in the upcoming devices.

According to the leaks, the processor will be close to the power of the Snapdragon 888, which was released this year.

And Google’s own chips offer an important advantage in the field of image processing, as it allows the integration of two image processors into the main processor.

Google may use the Snapdragon 780 5G chip instead of its own processor.

The phone has a 4500 mAh battery in the Pixel 6 and 5000 mAh in the Pixel 6 Pro.

But unlike the Pixel 5, the sixth generation of the phone will come with fast charging technology and fans built inside to increase ventilation, and the phone also comes with support for wireless charging.

Release date and price:

When we follow the previous phone release cycle, we find that the phones are released in October this year.

But the issue of chips and manufacturing stands in the way of the phones release, which may cause phones to be delayed due to the lack of electronic semiconductors.

In terms of price, it is expected that the price of the Pixel 6 will approach the $ 700-800 limit, and the Pixel 6 Pro will reach the price of approximately $ 1000.

Pixel devices have always been characterized by strong performance, and this is due to the company’s use of an unmodified version of Android.

This means that you get the purest version of Android on Pixel phones, along with the quality of the camera and image optimization processor.

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