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Alexa: Amazon voice assistant gets male voice, Ziggy

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Alexa recently released a male voice, which is called Ziggy. According to the news Cnet, users can use both at the same time.

For the first time, Amazon came up with an official alternative name to Alexa, as it was often nicknamed “computer”, “Amazon”, “Echo”, yet none of them were official. Celebrities like Melissa McCarthy, L. Jackson, and Shaquille O’Neal also have their voices available, but they only respond to specific information, not replacing, in any case, the virtual assistant Alexa.

The name Ziggy is thought to invoke David Bowie and his “alter ego” Ziggy Stardust, however Amazon has not commented on the matter, leaving room for imagination.

Ziggy has gone unnoticed for some time now, but he is one of Amazon’s official voices, which can even be used to call the “original” virtual assistant, Alexa.

Alexa Amazon voice assistant gets male voice ZiggyThe process for the user to chat with Ziggy is very easy, just ask Alexa to call him, then the voice is simply changed. However, it is necessary to define the voice on all devices where the user wants to make the change.

Amazon never officially mentioned that Alexa was a female voice, and this time, with Ziggy, it was also referred to as something “new”, not assigning genders. As a matter of fact, Amazon, has already mentioned several times that it does not plan for its virtual assistants to have gender.

“Ziggy”, the new voice option for Alexa, is already available for users residing in the United States, and should soon arrive in other countries, however Amazon has not yet advanced an official date for launching in other locations or which ones the countries that will have this novelty available.

Source: CNET

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