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Albufeira Smart City – the App that puts city management in the hands of citizens

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Today, Albufeira is a smarter city. With the Smart City room in Albufeira already in place and in operation, NOS and the Municipality of Albufeira presented the Smart City project, and the Municipality launched its online tool “Albufeira Smart City – Management of Occurrences”, an easy and direct platform so that citizens can communicate with the local authority and transmit various events.

With this solution it is possible to respond directly to the needs and problems of citizens, managing their resolution efficiently, since all occurrences reach the Smart City room in Albufeira, located on the ground floor of the City Hall, which is monitored by the specialized technicians.

The information is collected through the sensing devices present in the city, as well as through the reports of citizens (through the App, available online for this purpose in, and is immediately analyzed, starting the activation of the competent municipal services, or even allowing to anticipate interventions based on existing data.

Albufeira Smart City – the App that puts city management

This platform allows the municipality’s services to control the main variables that make up the city’s functions, namely the environment, public lighting, security, traffic, communication routes, car parks, among other infrastructures, in a 360º view of the city.

The Mayor of Albufeira City Council, José Carlos Rolo underlined: “We want to improve the quality of life for citizens residing in this municipality, but also for those citizens who visit us every year. From now on, citizens will be able to download an application to their mobile phones or tablets to contact the Municipality of Albufeira directly and transmit events. This is a digital tool that will greatly help citizens and municipal services to identify events, which in their most are linked to water and sanitation disruptions, waste, potholes in the road or uneven sidewalks”, added the same person in charge.

This is the beginning of an ambitious digitization process, which will be evolutionary in order to make the municipality of Albufeira increasingly efficient in the management of the territory and services to the citizen. Albufeira thus joins other cities such as Lagoa, Oeiras, Moita and Vila Nova de Famalicão, where citizens already reap the benefits of the solutions implemented by NOS on a daily basis.

According to Manuel Ramalho Eanes, administrator of NOS, “the availability of this tool demonstrates that Albufeira is today a more connected and innovative municipality, a smarter city. Technological innovation, a platform for sharing information and knowledge, materializes here in a new form of relationship between the municipality and its citizens, closer, more transparent and more efficient. NOS has long been committed to the development of Smart Cities throughout the national territory, based on its expertise in the modernization of municipalities and recognized technological solutions. These, very soon, will benefit from the arrival of 5G, as an enhancer of massive sensing, opening new and challenging horizons for the cities of the future”.

With the ambition of making all Portuguese autarchies intelligent, NOS has made a strong financial, human, research and development investment in the most sophisticated and efficient Smart Cities solutions, which has positioned the operator as the best-trained partner of municipalities and entities. in the digital transformation.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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