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Alan Wake Remastered is officially unveiled and comes out on October 5th

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A few days ago it began to circulate on the internet that the famous and acclaimed horror game Alan Wake, developed by Remedy Entertainment, would receive a remastered version and, on September 7, this rumor was confirmed by the studio and also by Epic Games, the game distributor.

Although the rumor was confirmed, it was only on September 9, during the PlayStation 5 Showcase 2021, that the first trailer for the title was released and that shows how this great horror title will come back to life once again.

Alan Wake Remastered arrives on October 5th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and also comes to PC, promising to solve some problems of the original title and make the experience of this one even better.

All the history found in the original version of Alan Wake will be present in this new version with better gameplay and better graphics and, in addition, the game will bring all the content of the original game including all its DLCs, as The Signal and The Writer, meaning that nothing is left behind.

The developer claims that the main character model has been completely reworked to meet all the most demanding gamers for better graphics and it also confirms that lots of individual items, ambient scenes, individual scene objects, textures, sound effects files and still the art of the UI.


It has also been confirmed that PlayStation 5 will run Alan Wake Remastered at 4K60 FPS and PlayStation 4 Pro owners will be able to run it in two ways, in performance mode which will run the game at 60 FPS but have a reduced resolution or quality mode which will leave the game at 4K30 FPS. PlayStation 4 standart owners will run the game at 1080p 30 FPS.

The PlayStation 5 version will have exclusive DualSense features, each weapon used by Alan will convey a different feel to the player, even the use of the flare gun will give a different feel during the game, something fantastic for everyone.


Alan Wake Remastered arrives on October 5th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and also comes to PC, promising a superior gameplay experience on the new PlayStation 5 and taking the original title to a new level that will make it even better.

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