A91 SM-A915F U3 Combination File Android 10 A915FXXU3ATG2

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Download Stock Rom / Firmware Combination for Samsung Galaxy A91

Model SM-A915F
Language Multi Linguagem / Language
Android version 10 Q
Date July / 2020
Revision two
Size / Size 1.9 GB

Combination File A91 SM-A915F U3 Binary 3 Bit 3
File name COMBINATION_FAC_FAQ0_A915FXXU3ATG2_FACFAC_CL19269932_QB33101361_REV00
More information or how to read a Combination file << HERE >>

Tutorial to install Stock Rom / Firmware Combination on Galaxy A91 SM-A915F
Using Odin, follow these steps below.

  • Install the Samsung Drivers.
  • Odin Compatible with your device ON HERE.
  • Put the phone in Download Mode (POWER + VOLUME DOWN + HOME BUTTON)
    “Note, this key combination may vary depending on the model”
  • Connect the Cellphone to the Pc (original or good quality cable).
  • Check if your phone has been recognized by Odin.
    1609525721 960 porta com
    A blue bar with the COM port ID indicates that the cell phone has been recognized.
    “Note, the color of the bar may be different according to the Odin version”
  • Click on AP or PDA 1609525721 34 porta com 1, select the unzipped rom combination.
  • Click on Start, wait for the process to finish.

The information described above was taken from the of the file,
we are not sure if it is correct, feel free to send it to us
a correction through the comments, we appreciate your contribution.

We are not responsible
for any damage caused to the devices.
The responsibility rests entirely with the user.

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