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9 technology product suggestions for less than €7

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The Prime Days have passed, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still discounts and, in particular, low prices for products that we need. Nowadays, thanks to production in China, products are already on the market at much cheaper prices and that’s what the internet has made it easier for us: to get quality products at low prices.

Today we are going to give you some suggestions for a variety of technological products, but with a maximum price of €7. That’s right, a low price, that if you wanted to buy all the products, the value would be less than 50€. From wall chargers, wireless chargers and even electric toothbrushes (and also for children) you will be able to find in our list of 9 products, with coupons available for new users.

USB rechargeable LED light

9 technology product suggestions for less than E7A simple product, but if you looked for it in the usual stores, it would have a price of no less than 20€. With a power of 2W, this product is intended to be a night light that turns on when, for example, you get out of bed to go to the bathroom. The link below shows numerous examples of how this LED can be used.

As it has a motion sensor, it turns on when it will be needed, as well as adapts to the current light, which becomes very useful when using it at night.

This product is priced at €5.39, but with the coupon “WIINL25” the low price to €3.31.

electric brush for kids

1624553240 595 9 technology product suggestions for less than E7Teeth start to come in at less than a year, and by age three you will have to buy a toothbrush. However, how about a way for the kids to have fun?

An electric toothbrush for children will make it easier for a child to introduce teeth cleaning. This brush is available in two colors: blue and pink, being very easy to use and soft so that its use does not irritate sensitive gums. As it is for children, the product is also waterproof and uses AAA batteries.

The price of the product is €5.80, however, with the coupon “WIICET4”, the low value to €2.48. Excellent price.

USB Wifi Adapter

1624553240 301 9 technology product suggestions for less than E7It’s true that all laptop computers have built-in Wifi, but what about towers? Yes, it’s true that desktop computers are often placed near ethernet access, but what if that doesn’t happen, or isn’t possible?

Fortunately, nowadays with just a USB stick it is possible to add wifi to computers, and this Dongle MT7601 from Comfast guarantees its purpose, at a fair price.

The Comfast MT7601 Dongle costs €4.14, however the low price to €2.48 if you use the “WIICWU2” coupon.

USB presence LED

1624553240 154 9 technology product suggestions for less than E7Another simple product, but it can be useful in the most diverse situations. For example, if your keyboard is not backlit, from your computer’s USB you can have an extra light that allows you to see the keys, or you can use it to read a book, for example.

It is available in different colors and is malleable, which will facilitate the molding and its use.

O product is priced at €1.24 with the “WIIPEL2” coupon instead of €3.31.

Uslion Quick Charge 3.0 Charger

1624553240 484 9 technology product suggestions for less than E7Certainly you have already come across the search for wall plugs to carry your various products. What if a single charger could connect several devices to charge? And still at a very good charging speed.

That’s what the Uslion charger offers, with Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology, with a power of 48W and with four USB slots, which allows you to charge up to four devices in the same socket, without the need for oversized chargers.

This one product is on sale for €2.48 with the “WIIUSPG” coupon instead of the €5.80.

Orico Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter

1624553240 654 9 technology product suggestions for less than E7This is another device that can be essential for desktop computers, as it adds functionality that is rarely present on desktop computers.

With this adapter from Orico, you can add Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to your computer, which allows fast and long-range data transmission, or simply connect a bluetooth speaker that is far away from your computer, without the need for a wire to run through the room.

This Bluetooth adapter 5.0 from Orico is priced at €5.80, but with the coupon “WIIOUR4”, the price drops to €2.48.

Eletric toothbrush

1624553240 859 9 technology product suggestions for less than E7We already share an electric toothbrush for children, but we also have a unit for “grown ups”, with a battery that should last up to 60 days in normal use, with brushing similar to 42,000 times per minute.

This brush even has a warning for changing the area, so that you can use the brush as efficiently as possible and, in this way, perform 30 seconds per area and 2 minutes of cleaning, which is recommended by experts. The brush is available in white, black and pink, and already includes 4 brushes.

The brush has a normal price of €9.01 and with the coupon “WIITTH3” the price drops to €6.55. A great price.

Olaf Cable for USB-C or iPhone

1624553241 491 9 technology product suggestions for less than E7Cables are lacking and quality cables are hard to find. That’s why this Olaf cable is available in three colors, black, blue and red, and you can even choose between MicroUSB, USB-C and Lightning, the connection used by Apple on its iPhones and iPads.

The cable is resistant and is made of fabric, which means that there is no cut in the internal wire and it is resistant, offering a long durability.

The product costs €8.21 but with the “WIIOLAF” coupon you get the best discount of all these offers, buying the cable for only €0.82.

Olaf 10W wireless charger

9 technology product suggestions for less than E7Although cables are still widely used, there is more and more wireless technology and charging is something that is increasingly present in smartphones. Therefore, this wireless charger from Olaf is also a very interesting product and is available in black, silver, blue and red.

With a 10W charging technology, a good charging speed is guaranteed, and the equipment has technology that protects the smartphone in case of underheating.

O wireless charger will cost you 2.45€ if you use the “WIIQCO” coupon instead of 9.01€.

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