7 Steps to Overcoming iPhone Charging Issue

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Apple is constantly seeking to develop its iPhone phones, and if you are a fan of iPhone phones, you will find that these phones are improving every year, but users are still waiting for a noticeable development in the charging area, while you get a relatively faster charge, but it is not as great as a device Android too, there may be a problem iPhone stopped charging Your cable suddenly, regardless of its age or cable, if you fall into such a situation, here are some fixes that you should try without pulling or untangling the cable.

The charging problem is still one of the most important defects facing iPhone phones. Usually the battery is quickly affected by use or with the passage of the phone’s life and the launch of newer versions of the iPhone, but some may encounter the problem of stopping charging the iPhone permanently. The iPhone and how to overcome this problem, and here are the most important steps that you must follow to overcome the problem of the iPhone charging suddenly stopped.

Steps to solve the iPhone charging problem

1. Check the wall socket

iPhone stopped charging

We know it’s an essential step and you may have checked the wall plug. However, it is necessary to check if it is working properly and you have correctly inserted the charging adapter into the wall plug, to find out why iPhone stopped charging If you are using an extender to charge iPhone, make sure there is no dirt or debris inside the extender sockets

2. Use an Apple charger and cable

The market is full of external chargers and cables for use with the Apple iPhone. However, there are only a few of them that are Apple certified and carry the authentication for use with their devices, as others may cause iPhone charging stopped.

If you are using a cheap charger or cable from an unknown brand and you are having problems iPhone stopped charging You should refer to the official Apple charger and cable.

3. Check the cable

iPhone stopped charging

This is the most obvious reason that affects the charging function on iPhone. Over time, due to heavy use, you will notice wear and tear on the charging cable.

If you notice a small cut on the conductive side of the cable, you should choose a different cable to charge the iPhone. For the longevity of the cable, we recommend investing in a cable protector. It’s affordable and helps you protect any cable you have, protecting you from iPhone stopped charging .

4. Clean charging port

If you live in a dusty area, you may end up with a fair amount of dust in the iPhone charging port. In such cases, the charging port may affect the charging function, and cause iPhone stopped charging .

You can either use a dusting gel or opt for painter’s tape to remove any dust from the charging port. Do not insert toothpicks or cotton buds to clean the charging port. Toothpicks may damage the port’s function and cotton buds may leave small traces of cotton while cleaning the port. will eventually lead to iPhone stopped charging .

5. Remove the water from the charging port

If there is water or moisture in the charging port, you will receive an error andiPhone stopped charging You should dry the port carefully and then try charging.

6. Check battery health

The iPhone battery comes with a fixed set of charging cycles. Over time, this degrades the health of the device’s battery, and iPhone charging stopped.

Let’s say you’ve been using an iPhone aggressively for five years. In such cases, battery health may drop below 50%. This will affect charging as well as battery life.

You can check the maximum battery capacity from Settings > Battery > Battery health menu. If it is less than 50%, consider changing the battery.

7. Trying to maintain the temperature of the phone

If the phone temperature is high and you try to charge the device, the system will قوم iOS make a mistake and it will happen iPhone charging stopped. So you have to wait for it to cool down before charging it.

This usually happens in very hot weather. We have encountered this problem many times as well. You will also experience slow performance on the iPhone. Put the phone in a cool place then try charging the device.

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