6 tips for using your iPhone at work

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Tips for using iPhone at work are useful things to save time in order to perform the most important tasks and solve the biggest problems, we present these tips through our article to get the most benefit from using the iPhone.

6 tips for using your iPhone at work

The iPhone is one of the phones with excellent operating systems that people who have a great deal of work need, and there are many tricks that make it possible to use it to make work things easier, we learn about them below:

Send location in messages

6 Tips for Using iPhone at Work 1
Share location on iphone

In the event that a customer asks you about your current location, it is preferable to send him a message starting with “I am in..” Then complete the phrase using the suggestions that will appear, including the current location, click on the option and then the phone will send your location over the map, this will make it easier for the customer to know your place and reach you.

Create a Business Card or Business Card

6 Tips for Using iPhone at Work 2
6 tips for using your iPhone at work

The iPhone has a contacts application that enables you to share everything related to any contact and its data with others. Through this feature, you can create your own business card that you share with your customers with ease.

Enter the contacts application, and press the add new button, create your own contact with your data and business data, you can share it as easily as you share any other contact you have.

Change email signature

Among the best tips for using the iPhone at work is to change the email signature, which means those phrases that are sent in each message, you can benefit from this feature in making the signature include your business data and means of communication, for example.

Go to your email and then choose Settings, then select the option to install signature for all messages, and start creating a suitable signature that promotes your business.

Use the zoom tool to get attention

6 Tips for Using iPhone at Work 3
Use Zoom on iPhone

Zoom tool is one of the useful tools in IOS operating system that you can use in your work for several purposes such as:

  • Read reports and files.
  • Focus on a specific item and send it to someone.
  • Highlight a part of the page.

Zoom guides can be used for all of the above purposes by opening the item you want to focus on a specific thing from to share, open the file and choose the share menu including the markup, then you will have a pdf file of everything that appears on your screen, then press the plus button on the right and choose Including a magnifying glass.

Select the magnification that suits you and which will show the item you want to enlarge, then the enlarged item can be shared by sending or printing.

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Keep your receipts

There is an important feature in iPhone phones that enables you to scan any receipt of yours and put it in notes so that you can send it to the accountant or the accounts department, and this feature is one of the most prominent tips for using the iPhone at work that benefits users.

You can do this by opening the Notes app, creating a note and tapping the camera icon inside it, and choose Scan Documents.

Make group calls

6 tips for using iPhone at work 4
Use your iPhone to make a conference call

In the event that your mobile network supports conference calls, you can make a call of this type and be in the form of a business meeting with up to five people.

You can do this by calling one of them and then putting them on hold and then press the Add Call button and call the next person, after he answers choose to merge calls and you will find that the two calls have been combined into one call, repeat the process to add more people, if someone calls you and you want To add him to the group, press Comment and Accept and then merge the call to join you in the meeting.

We have presented 6 tips for using iPhone at work that you can take advantage of in order to make tasks easier, and make them run more quickly and smoothly.

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