6 solutions to the problem of not showing WhatsApp contacts on iPhone and Android

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WhatsApp seeks to develop itself and expand its user base by constantly adding new features such as voice and video calls, in addition to the WhatsApp Pay service, in addition to controlling the speed of voice notes that are exchanged between friends, but at the same time WhatsApp sometimes fails in the basic features such as not There is support for multiple devices for one account, as well as the absence of WhatsApp contacts on iPhone and Android.

The issue of WhatsApp contacts not appearing on Android and iPhone is annoying to many WhatsApp users, as it may fail to show newly added contacts or contacts already added on the device, here is how to solve the issue of WhatsApp contacts not appearing on Iphone and Android.

How to solve the problem of not appearing WhatsApp contacts on iPhone and Android

Grant Contacts Permission

WhatsApp needs permissions to be able to function properly. If you denied the permission to access contacts while setting up the app, you will need to enable it again through the settings menu.

You may have mistakenly disabled the WhatsApp contacts access permission which enables the app to scan the phonebook and import the contacts into the app, here is how to grant the contacts permission.

How to Grant Contacts Permission on iPhone

Open phone settings.

  • Navigate down the list.
  • Click on WhatsApp and enable the option to access contacts.
  • You can open WhatsApp and you will see the contacts newly added to the application.

How to grant contacts permission for Android ل

  • Long press on the WhatsApp icon and then tap on the info option at the top.
  • From the Information menu Search for permissions From the Privacy menu you can click on it and enable the option to access WhatsApp contacts.

Manually update the contact list for Android

The Android system provides the ability to manually update the contact list on WhatsApp through:

6 solutions to the problem of not showing WhatsApp contacts on iPhone and Android 1
  • Open the WhatsApp application on your Android phone.
  • Click the compose message button below.
  • Click on the three dots menu in the upper right corner.
  • Click Update and WhatsApp will try to fetch new contacts from the Contacts app on your phone and within seconds you will notice that new WhatsApp contacts appear.

Enable background app refresh feature

iPhone does not provide manual update feature for contacts like Android does but it does provide background app refresh feature and the app refreshes data in the background and keeps it synced by:

6 solutions to the problem of not showing WhatsApp contacts on iPhone and Android 2
  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on WhatsApp.
  • Enable Background App Refresh from the WhatsApp Background App Refresh menu.

Add new contacts from WhatsApp

6 solutions to the problem of not showing up WhatsApp contacts on iPhone and Android 3

Instead of importing contacts from your phone to WhatsApp each time, you can create a new WhatsApp contact.

You can open the WhatsApp application and press the compose button and then click on the option to add a new contact to be able to add the name, family and phone number.

Request to send a message from the contact

This is a temporary solution until you discover the reason why WhatsApp contacts do not appear and work on fixing it. You can request to send a message from the person you want to add, and once you send the message, you will be able to save the contact easily.

If you have added a contact and it does not appear on WhatsApp, you can ask the other person to send you a message first.

update whatsapp app

WhatsApp contacts

The reason why new contacts are not showing up on iPhone and Android may be due to a bug in the current app version and fortunately WhatsApp is quick to catch up on those bugs by providing updates quickly.

You can visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to update the application and get the latest version, and if you are part of the beta program, you can consider downgrading to the stable version to enjoy using the application without errors. Usually, beta versions of applications contain many problems, so you should get rid of This is the trial version of the WhatsApp application and depends on the basic version of the application, and if you are using an alternative application for WhatsApp, you should also try the basic version of the application.

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