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6 online business ideas to invest

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Investing in a successful online business is the dream of many people, because choosing a business that generates profits can bring great results for those who have innovative ideas and want to invest little money.

It is recommended to read and study to understand the ideas of entrepreneurship and thus have something profitable, there are sectors more profitable than others and you need to know the existing paths before deciding.

Have the possibility to make money on the internet it is not as easy as a lot of people can imagine, but, without a doubt, it is possible and can make you change your life.

For this, we have separated for you 6 business ideas to invest. Check out!

6 online business ideas to invest

Create your online store

It is a type of trade that involves a lot of money and that always remains high, with no prospect of weakening, however, you must know before that the competition is great and that there are giant brands vying for space, but this is not a reason to be discouraged.

You can start by analyzing the land, for example, selling products in a marketplace that are sites that concentrate smaller stores, but make it possible to sell to all of Brazil.

Invest in iQ Option

The Financial Market has become, more and more, a great option for those who want to have a serious profession and with good earning options. O IQ Option it is a great way to increase your earnings and even be a professional in the investment business.

The platform allows for real and virtual transactions and is present in 150 countries. Trades are made exclusively in the digital environment and the minimum investment is US $ 1 for each trade.

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Become a Digital Consultant

Digital consultant is a specialist who assists brands and companies in their web marketing tactics, their function is to identify the best opportunities and provide support for action planning, thus enabling them to reach their goals.

These consultants are excellent partners when it comes to defining marketing investments, mapping people and pointing out the most recommended sources to ensure the brand’s online presence.

Digital marketing shows results and companies intend to concentrate 75% of their investments in internet marketing.

Food trade

There are infinite alternatives to sell food, in addition to being a great idea to earn extra money with little investment, it is possible to sell brigadeiros, pot cakes, party sweets, frozen food, snacks etc.

This type of sale can be made in person, in different places and also on the internet, advertising on social networks or in groups, so you can also work with orders.


Dropshipping is a segment where you can act as an intermediary between the supplier and the consumer, the items are purchased to order as soon as the customer places the order, with no need for stock.

In dropshipping, the products for sale are not so easily found in the market, your task is to identify products with potential interest of your audience, with suppliers outside the country of preference, making this the biggest advantage of this investment.

Trade in clothing or accessories

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It is possible to create a clothing and accessories store with home or internet services, you can buy and sell clothes for different audiences such as fitness clothing, children, pregnant women, etc.

A great idea is also to create a thrift store for the sale of used clothes and accessories, for that, there are alternatives with sites exclusive to this type of trade, such as Enjoei and OLX.


After this article, you can start to take your ideas off the paper and run through your goals, because we saw that it is possible to invest without spending a lot, or, a little more, depending on each one’s reality.

Now it’s time to open your company and put everything you’ve learned into practice, we are sure that your investment is already a success.

We wait for you in the next article for more content like this much more!

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