6 best call recorder apps for Android phones in 2021

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Call recording applications are considered one of the important and basic programs that appeared with the development of modern phones, some believe that recording calls is unethical, but some may need to download a call recording program for reasons related to protecting their legal and moral rights or just to keep the voice of one of the relatives or loved ones who are chatting with them on mobile For these reasons, we provide here a presentation of the most important programs for recording calls, with download links.

The best call recording apps for Android phones for 2021

Many of the mobile phones today include an optional preset program for recording calls, but some people may need to record calls automatically or any additional features that may not be available in the automatic programs included with the devices, so they are looking for a way to download distinctive call recording programs to use.

There are many different versions available with many features through the Google Play Store, some of them record calls on the server or server and keep them saved on it and allow the user to download only what he needs from them, and others record calls directly on the phone, and we mention the following versions and different versions of the call recording program features Multiple:

  • Cherinbo call recording software
6 best call recorder apps for Android phones in 2021 1
Cherinbo call recorder app is among the best call recorder apps

The program is characterized by the fact that it automatically records any incoming or outgoing call from the device installed on it, and that this recording is done with high quality and is saved in the phone’s memory in mp3 format, and it is also easy to use, and is compatible with a very large number of mobile devices on the scene, and this is the most important reason for its spread And it is considered among the most important call recording applications.

The program has a high rating on the Google Store, and the number of its users exceeds 5 million and can be downloaded from here

6 best call recorder apps for Android phones in 2021 2
IntCall ACR app records calls in high quality

If you have ever used a call recording application and you do not like it, be confident that this program will satisfy you because of the new features it provides, as the program not only records regular phone calls, but also Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, Imo, Telegram and other programs as well, and it tracks the location of any active call and enables a person Change his voice, and it is possible through cutting and cutting operations for those recorded calls as well.

The program is close to five stars, and it can be downloaded completely free of charge from here

  • Automatic call recording from smsrobot

6 best call recording apps for Android phones in 2021 3
The smsrobot automatic call recorder software is easy to use

This program, like other call recording applications, works automatically and it records audio in two formats, mp3 and wav. The user can choose one of them, but it does not occupy large areas of memory as a result of this process. You can choose between recording all calls or calls from unknown numbers only. The program contains some features Additional like the ability to shake the device to record the call

Certain options appear after the call ends, such as deleting the recording, adding a note to it, or putting it in the favorites, and you can also search for the desired recording by the person’s phone number, a feature that makes things a lot easier, you can download this wonderful program from here

  • Smart Call Recorder – SCR
6 best call recorder apps for Android phones in 2021 4
An excellent program of the best call recording applications for Android phones for the year 2021

Like the previous programs, the program works automatically, but this feature can be disabled in it and made it record only according to your desire, a password can be added for greater privacy, and it contains a white and black list for communications, and some numbers can be excluded from the registration as desired, and the start of the recording can be delayed and made not just by Receive contact.

The program is completely free and does not have additional paid benefits, and the number of its users exceeds one million people from all over the world. This call recording program can be downloaded easily. from here

  • ACR Cube call recorder program
6 best call recording apps for Android phones in 2021 5
Record WhatsApp calls, Messenger and Hangout and other programs

It is considered one of the best call recording applications, and this program is available in both free and paid versions, however the free version offers many features such as recording WhatsApp calls, Messenger, Hangout and other programs in addition to recording regular calls and all this with superior sound quality, the sound of the headphone can be changed when listening For recordings to ensure confidentiality, it is also possible to create a list of people that you exclude from recording your calls, and another list of those whom you want to record their calls constantly.

The paid version offers other features such as the ability to save calls to Google Drive and close with a password. The free version of this program can be downloaded from here

In this article, we learned about the most important call recording applications with a variety of features in each of them to suit the user and his choice.

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