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$ 500,000 for next-generation mask design

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Announced The US government’s BARDA Advanced Biomedical Research and Development Authority has announced a competition to design the next generation of masks, with a prize pool of up to $ 500,000 pending the winners.

More than a year after the epidemic began, a variety of masks have appeared, but if you think you might have an idea of ​​a better mask that more people might want to wear, the opportunity is there.

The Next Generation Mask Challenge was created in partnership with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to address some common complaints, such as fogging the glasses, irritating the skin, impeding contact, and entering Corona virus particles through the sides.

The competition consists of two phases, and the first phase, which focuses on design, is divided into two tracks, one of which takes into account the re-design of existing masks and the other focuses on new technologies and materials.

Submissions are meant to include actual blueprints for building the proposed masks, which can be tested in the future as well.

The first stage includes 10 winners, each of whom will receive $ 10,000 to help build a prototype of their masks.

The second proof-of-concept stage requires contestants to respond to a hypothetical scenario with a completely new mask design, not based on any existing mask.

Participants in the second phase submit physical mockups of their masks to NIOSH for testing. This phase includes 5 winners who share a prize pool of $ 400,000.

And the next generation masks challenge may come up with some real solutions There are many problems present, and mask manufacturers are still unable to consistently meet demand.

At the moment, the N95 and KN95 masks are hard to come by as they should be, which are two much recommended masks that offer better filtration than the various fabric masks.

There is also a problem with fake masks, and according to the CDC, about 60 percent of KN95 masks in the United States are not as effective at filtering out Corona virus particles as their labels might indicate.

The Biden administration has put in place plans to enforce the creation of more essential supplies for the pandemic and alleviate some of these problems, but there is no guarantee that more people will wear the winning masks.

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