5 of the best Photoshop plugins for photographers

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The best Photoshop plugins for photographers Needed by photographers and designers who work professionally in this field or beginners who want to become a professional in the field, we present through this article some free and paid add-ons that Photoshop provides for more distinguished and professional images.

Best Photoshop plugins for photographers

5 of the best Photoshop plugins for photographers..make them professional 1
Best Photoshop plugins for photographers

Photoshop includes almost everything a professional photographer or designer needs, and these capabilities increase whenever a new version of the program appears, but there are still some tools that Adobe offers through its site in order to achieve stronger performance in this field, and there are also some programs that provide add-ons With a distinctive touch to the images, we mention the most important of these tools and programs as follows:

Adobe Camera Raw

5 of the best Photoshop plugins for photographers..make them professional 2
Camera Raw tool to enhance photos

It is one of the best free Photoshop add-ons for photographers, and it is a great tool available on the Adobe website, and it enables you to work on images with different extensions such as BMP, RAW, JPG, and others, and the advantages of this tool are:

  • The ability to adjust the lighting of images quickly and easily.
  • Remove noise and noise from images without damaging them.
  • Compatibility with most types of modern cameras.
  • The ability to convert from one extension or format to another.

Before installing the tool, it is preferable to close the Photoshop program first, then download and run its file, and follow the steps that appear on the screen, then restart Photoshop. You will notice that the tool appears within the program, it can be downloaded from the adobe website directly for Windows and Mac from here

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Pexels Photoshop Plugin

5 of the best Photoshop plugins for photographers..make them professional 3
Pixels photoshop

This add-on provides access to professional images that fit the design on Photoshop without the need to search outside Photoshop, with these images being completely free, and the most important feature of this tool:

  • The ability to add the tool to the browser is also available to get a larger number of images.
  • The tool provides 3000 new exclusive photos every month.
  • The tool is completely free.

All these features help to complete a professional design without any significant costs, the add-on can be downloaded from here

Luminar 4

5 of the best Photoshop plugins for photographers..make them professional 4
Luminarie 4 tool with which to adjust the color of the eyes

It is available in the form of a separate program or an addition to Photoshop, and it is in any case huge in capabilities and one of the best Photoshop add-ons for photographers, as it allows you to add the shape of the dome of the sky or clouds in a professional manner, and you can control the lighting on the effect and modify it, the program also provides the ability to control the colors of the image the entirety.

Anything from the photo can be deleted easily and simply by selecting it with the dedicated tool without causing a slight effect on the photos. The program also includes tools to modify the faces of people in photos such as changing the color of the eye lens, lightening the skin, and making the body more full or thin as desired.

All about luminar 4 can be found and explained at Official Website Download the trial version النسخة from here

Blow up 3 . tool

It is a distinctive tool in a certain aspect is the change in the size of the images, by zooming in and out without losing the images in quality, and the features of this tool include the following:

  • The ability to enlarge images to very large sizes.
  • Margins shrink automatically when printing.
  • The tool is very useful for print centers.

This tool is completely free to download and use from here

Focus Magic

5 of the best Photoshop plugins for photographers..make them professional 5
Annotation of shaky image in Focus magic

This tool can convert photos taken with ordinary mobile cameras to look like photos taken with professional cameras, and it can be modified to restore any detail that is not visible or lost in shaky, blurred photos, it can also be used for old photos with less clarity to make their details more visible.

The tool is used for justice purposes, such as showing license plate numbers in a blurred image. You can download this add-on and start modifying images with it from here

We have presented a favorite of the most important best Photoshop add-ons for photographers, so if you are already a professional in this field or decide to take it seriously, do not hesitate to use the previous tools until you achieve your desired goal.

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