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5 essential IT management tools for your business

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In a world increasingly dependent on technology, companies are looking for IT solutions that meet their demand and bring benefits to business productivity.

IT management tools end up being essential in the daily lives of today’s companies, to optimize processes, ensure security and increase productivity in general.

Today, the entrepreneur who is not concerned with monitoring the IT infrastructure ends up vulnerable to various problems such as security attacks, data leakage, breaks at work due to systems or equipment that are defective.

5 essential IT management tools for your business

How IT management or monitoring works

Managing or monitoring a company’s IT infrastructure brings together a set of actions to monitor the technological assets that are used in the corporate daily life, such as the corporate network, devices such as computers and mobile devices, the systems and software used, among others.

An IT monitoring and management system can bring several benefits to the company, such as:

  • Increased network security, protecting against intrusion, theft and data loss;
  • Monitoring network performance, being able to predict or detect connection problems early;
  • Measuring device performance, performing preventive analysis, avoiding problems and using them more efficiently;
  • Reducing the cost of repairs, unnecessary replacements, unnecessary systems, in addition to preventing breaks to repair problems, avoiding losses;
  • Use of available resources in a more strategic and optimized way, increasing the company’s productivity;
  • Incorporating new technologies into the company’s routine in order to optimize and facilitate daily tasks, with quality.

Companies of any size should adopt IT monitoring as part of administration, as it can help in strategic processes, reallocating resources and investments, in addition to preventing problems that may arise due to lack of network security.

If the company does not have the need or possibility of having its own IT department, there are several companies that provide this service outsourced. In addition, there are tools that can be essential in any corporation’s IT management.

Essential IT Management Tools for Your Business

  1. PRTG Network Monitor – network management

PRTG is one of the network monitoring tools best suited to medium to large companies. According to the Network King portal, it has comprehensive features that monitor the networks and applications used by the company.

With easy usability, the system scans the network, detecting failures and possible problems, adding elements necessary for monitoring programmed in accordance with the company’s routine. PRTG provides access to monitoring on mobile devices as well.

  1. Basecamp – internal communication

To facilitate the company’s internal communication, without losing any data, Basecamp is a great ally. Instead of relying on several emails, reminders, projects, divided into different platforms or systems, Basecamp brings together all the tools employees need in one place, such as chat, email, text editors, task managers , between others.

Bringing all these tasks together in one software makes it easier to use, prevents data loss and increases transaction security.

  1. Backup and cloud storage

The production of data and files in daily business has been increasing exponentially, and the risk of losing this data has led companies to adhere to cloud storage systems.

After all, having an online copy of this data is essential, as the system or device may have some kind of problem, rendering all the data contained in it unusable. In addition, the cloud storage system allows access from anywhere, falling in favor not only of the corporate world but also common users.

Usually, cloud storage systems have automatic and periodic backup capabilities, which make it possible to quickly recover information in the event of loss or damage to equipment.

  1. help desk

If the company has a specific IT department internally, having a help desk system will facilitate communication between the team and IT professionals. The system makes it possible to open calls, facilitating communication and the flow of information, access to the history of both calls and equipment, in addition to generate statistical reports on the productivity of equipment and staff.

  1. OpMon 8 – Data Monitoring

OpMon 8 is a monitoring system that can track the company’s results in real time, monitoring the activities carried out and helping to manage the IT infrastructure. It generates reports on device and network performance, availability and other indicators that are important to the daily life of the company.

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