4 of the best Quran memorization apps

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4 of the best Quran memorization apps for Android 1
Best Quran memorization apps

The best applications for memorizing the Qur’an are the best searches for those who wish to memorize the Book of God Almighty and obtain its great reward, as such applications help a person to memorize the Qur’an at home in an easy, easy and correct manner as well without harming the resort to an external wallet that may prevent some difficulties between accessing it And through this article, we present six of the best applications in this field.

Best Quran Memorization Apps for Android

The use of mobile phones for recreational purposes is not the whole purpose of the existence of these devices, as technological progress has provided a lot of time and effort for those who want to learn in various fields, the most important of which is memorizing the Holy Qur’an with its correct rulings.

If the person’s circumstances do not have a wallet, especially in remote places, or the difficulty of leaving the house or bringing someone home in light of the spread of the Corona virus, then using an application to save is an excellent option that saves time and effort and protects children and the elderly from being exposed to the risk of leaving the house, we review Together, in the following are the most important programs for memorizing the Qur’an, according to the opinion and ratings of Google Play users.

1- A companion for memorizing the Qur’an

4 of the best Quran memorization apps for Android 2
Quran memorization companion app

It is a good application that has a high rating by Google Store users and its downloads exceed 100,000. It is one of the best Quran memorization applications. The program is a practical daily assistant that can be used to track the memorization and review process constantly.

Through this program, you can record the clips that you have memorized, and the program gives you its response in the form of a statistic that includes the percentage of memorization and the percentage of what needs to be reviewed, and reminds you of the last date you memorized from the Book of God.

The program provides two different ways to memorize, either through parties or parts, and is characterized by the presence of colors that clarify and facilitate its use, and the possibility of activating the reminder or alerting to save, downloading this program is available from the Google Store from here

2- Memorizing the Holy Quran

4 of the best Quran memorization apps for Android 3
Download the application to memorize the Noble Qur’an

The program is an electronic Quran that includes reading, interpretation, listening and also memorizing simultaneously, and the program has many other features besides memorizing, among which we mention the reminder to read from the Qur’an every day, and through it you can quickly search for any verse you want, and even enables you to save any page you want until refer to it.

In the case of listening to the Qur’an through it, the application provides a lot of readers who can choose between them, and the reader you want can also be downloaded if it is not available through any external source for the program.

For memorization, the program provides the possibility of repeating the verse or page more than once, and provides interpretation of verses according to six of the most famous interpretations, including Al-Qurtubi and Ibn Kathir, and this special program can be downloaded to your device. from here

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3- Table of Quran memorization

4 of the best Quran memorization apps for Android 4
Quran memorization schedule application

The program depends on presenting a coordinated table that aims to enable the user to memorize the Qur’an within two years or more, according to each person’s ability, with a distinctive way to make memorization stick in the mind, and put a response to reading to seal the Qur’an in several days.

The application also provides a distinctive plan for sealing the Qur’an in the month of Ramadan in particular

The program is characterized by a high evaluation of the Google Store bug and positive comments from users, and it is considered one of the best applications for memorizing the Qur’an, and it can be downloaded from here

4- Memorizing the Noble Qur’an Tahfiz

This program helps you to memorize the Qur’an in an easy and simplified way by selecting the verses that you have already started to memorize, and you choose your reader who prefers to hear his voice and the number of times the passage is repeated.

One of the new features in the program is the ability to repeat a particular verse alone or the entire paragraph, and also enables you to move from one verse to another as you like, and the evaluation of the program on the store reaches 4.2 and can be downloaded from here

This was a presentation of four of the best applications of memorizing the Qur’an, which we hope God will benefit the one wishing to memorize the Book of God Almighty, and obtain grades with it.

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