4 easy ways to hide your IP

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Easy ways to hide your IP Many internet users are looking for, as they provide privacy and security for them in addition to feeling free to browse, and it has become a matter with some companies tracking users’ steps on search and other sites and using that data to profit through them, in addition to hackers Or electronic thieves who may succeed in stealing your important data, exploiting them to blackmail you or steal your money, so the demand for user protection techniques has increased in the recent period, the most important of which we try to present in this article.

4 easy ways to hide your IP

IP means the address of the user’s device when entering the Internet, and it is unique and cannot be repeated by two devices on the same network, and through which the user’s location and identity can be determined, hiding your IP not only helps protect your privacy, but may enable you to bypass restrictions On some websites that are blocked in certain geographic areas, these are the most important ways to hide your IP:

1- Application of Cloudflare

4 easy ways to hide your IP2
Easy ways to hide your IP

This application is completely free and helps you browse the Internet completely securely and even makes browsing faster by thirty percent. Data thieves know anything about you and exploit it, so we recommend it if you are looking for easy ways to hide your IP.

2- Use the Tor Browser

4 Easy Ways to Hide Your IP 3
Easy ways to hide your IP

The Tor browser has always been known as the valid browser to access the Deep Web, where cybercrime takes place, and in which any criminal can track your data, access your site, and harm you, but the browser is not registered in the name of the Deep Web, but rather is suitable for safe browsing of the normal Internet to the same extent, and Tor is not considered It is the only browser in this field, but there are many similar browsers that do the same task.

This browser cleans your traces from any website first, by clearing cookies, and clearing your browsing history, so when looking for easy ways to hide your IP, don’t forget this browser.

Tor makes all surfers seem anonymous or one person so that it is difficult to identify you among them and trace you, and it is like the previous application that enables the user to access sites that are blocked in your geographical range or that your network administrator has blocked access to.

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3- Use a VPN

4 easy ways to hide your IP 4
Easy ways to hide your IP

There are two types of it:

It gives you a server at a speed of 20 GB per second and enables you to access any prohibited site, and no party can penetrate your privacy or access your identity, and it can be used on various operating systems, even mobile, such as Android without problems, and there are many sites that offer The service and some are free, and others are paid with a trial month and additional features, choose the one that suits you best, but do not miss this special method if you want to use easy ways to hide your IP.

It enables you to maintain your personal security even if you are using a public Wi-Fi network in a cafe, restaurant or work.

Nord VPN guarantees secure browsing, as well as through which you can access personal files on Google Drive or others safely without fear of anyone else accessing them or knowing your password, and it differs from the previous type in the way of securing Internet access and they are similar in features.

4- Use of proxy sites

4 easy ways to hide your IP 5
Easy ways to hide your IP

By proxy means a proxy, it is a day of mediation between you and the Internet sites that you want to use while preserving your privacy when entering and exiting them. .

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