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3D Robot Hand Can Play Nintendo

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In recent days there has been one more innovation in 3D printing: scientists at the Bioinspired Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory at the University of Maryland have printed a robotic hand that is capable of playing Nintendo. The robotic hand managed to finish the first level of Super Mario Bros. in less than 90 seconds.

The team responsible for the creation was led by assistant professor Ryan Sochol, who designed integrated circuits that can be controlled by applying pressure. That is, to move the first finger, low pressure was applied; to move the second, moderate pressure; to move the third, higher pressure was applied.

So the researchers programmed the robotic hand and “tell” you when to jump or walk during the game, being adjusted according to pressure levels.

The investigation of more intuitive and sensitive robots has been a challenge for the 3D printing industry worldwide. This team used 3D printing to create the robotic hand – the “PolyJet 3D”. This allows simultaneous printing, using different materials, in addition to being able to print several components and fix them in the space of one day.

3D Robot Hand Can Play Nintendo

The robotic hand, operated by software programmed to cycle between low, medium and high pressures, was able to press the buttons on the controller and successfully complete the first level of the Super Mario Bros game in less than 90 seconds .

In the future, and thanks to the success of this achievement with the robotic hand, the team intends to use their research and direct efforts to design personalized prostheses and rehabilitation devices. With this in mind, the team shared their design, in order to encourage other researchers to modify and adapt it to their projects.

The work now developed may lead to new types of flexible or inflatable robots powered by water or air, to the detriment of electricity.

Source: Republic World

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