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3 services from Google to make it easy for you to search for a new job

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has greatly affected the labor market, as he noted report The International Labor Organization (ILO) indicated that this pandemic has catastrophically affected working hours and profits globally during this year, due to the workplace closures in whole or in part.

But there is nevertheless Some companies Which is requesting new employees to work remotely, and now some companies have begun to return to work at full capacity, so if you are looking for a new job, or thinking of changing your career path, you can take advantage of some Google services.

Statistics show that Google receives more than 63,000 searches Per second globally, meaning it receives at least 5.6 billion searches per day, so Google is constantly developing its engine algorithms to process this huge number of searches.

There is no doubt that searching for the perfect job takes a long time, but if you know how to utilize Google services, especially the search engine properly, you will be able to easily find a suitable opportunity for you.

Below we will review 3 services from Google that make it easier for you to search for a new job and how to use it:

1- (Google Alerts):

What if there was a way to tell you every time new Google search engine information is added related to your search for a particular job? This is what Google Alerts offers you, where you can set an alert for the job you are looking for, so that you will be the first to know when Google adds new information to the database related to your search for this job.

  • Go to (Google Alerts) through this link
  • In the box that appears at the top, enter the name of the job you want to pursue.
  • Adjust settings such as: the rate at which you receive notifications, types of sources, language, places you want to obtain information around the world, the number of results you want to receive, and the email address where you want to receive alerts.

3 services from Google to make it easier for you to search for a new job and how to use it

2- Google Maps:

The use of the Google Maps application is not limited to reaching your next destination, but is characterized by its support for many features that facilitate many daily tasks.

If you are not looking for remote work opportunities, there is a high possibility that you want a job not far from where you live, or perhaps you want a job in the city center specifically, as geographic location is a major factor to consider while searching for a job.

Luckily; You can use Google Maps to ensure that only location-specific job ads appear in your results. You can also target employers and companies in a specific area to search for the right opportunities for you, as Google also allows you to filter results based on the company’s evaluation, suitability, and distance.

You can also search directly within Google Maps to find companies in your geographic location that you can apply to for a job, as in the following image:

1597061269 60 3 services from Google to make it easy for you

3- Take advantage of Google search filters:

When you type something into the Google search bar, you get many results, but there are multiple ways to filter these results, including the following:

  • Time frame.
  • Geographical location.
  • The Company’s name.
  • Employment.
  • Job name.

3 services from Google to make it easier for you to search for a new job and how to use it

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