3 of the most important ways to play the laptop on the TV

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Playing the laptop on the TV may be needed for many reasons, you may want to watch one of the movies or series that you have downloaded to your device or watch it directly on one of the platforms that you are subscribed to, such as Watch or Netflix or watching one of the presentations for work, we explain through this article a number of The ways to do it easily and simply and whenever you want to.

Turn on the laptop on the TV

There is no longer any force forcing you to sit bent in front of the small laptop screen to see what you can see on a larger screen and more clearly as there is more than one way to do this easily, and without wires also sometimes, below we list the three most important ways to do this in detailed steps .

Method 1: Connect the laptop to the TV without wires

3 of the most important ways to turn the laptop on the TV 2
Turn on the laptop on the TV

If you don’t like the idea of ​​a lot of wires filling up the space and getting in the way, then this method is right for you and it’s a lot cheaper than using wires.

If you own a smart TV that supports DLNA, which supports file transfer between smart devices of different types, you can use it to transfer any movie or file you want from your laptop directly to the TV. First, you need to decide where this data will be located on your device.

The next step is to download an application on the laptop that allows sending files through DLNA technology to the TV. One of the most famous of these applications is AllCast, which is available for Windows and also for mobile devices in the Android or IOS system. You can download this program for the laptop via this link.

The program allows you to send files on your device or even on Google Drive or Dropbox.

Another program that allows you to do this in a more advanced way and with greater possibilities is Kodi which works as an open source in which you can play media, and you can download it from here

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Method 2: Turn on the laptop on the TV using a wireless device

3 of the most important ways to turn the laptop on the TV 3
Turn on the laptop on the TV

If you do not have a smart TV screen, then there is no problem. It is enough to buy a Smart Box and use the HDMI cable to make the connection. If your laptop is from Apple, then you can buy an Apple TV 4K.

On the other hand, a cheaper device is available from Google to perform this task, which is Chromecast, which supports a large number of systems, including IOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

After you connect this device to the screen, you will use the same applications mentioned earlier or any other supported application to transfer files such as Plex or Emby

You can work on the Chromecast device through the Google Chrome application, by downloading the extension called Google Cast through the extensions of the browser, after downloading that extension, the word Cast will appear to you on the right side of the address bar, you can click on it and send the files you want and play The laptop is on the TV, and by default you will find that what is on the tab you are standing on will move to the screen.

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Method 3: Turn on the laptop on the TV using a VGA cable

3 of the most important ways to turn the laptop on the TV 4
Turn on the laptop on the TV

The laptop can be played on the TV using a VGA cable, which is the monitor cable for the laptop. We will bring this cable and plug it into its appropriate port on the laptop and sometimes write on it VGA caption, and take the other end to the TV and connect it to the appropriate port.

Then we will connect the two devices using a 3.5 mm audio cable, then turn on the TV and the laptop and choose the RGB or PC button on the TV remote control, the two devices are supposed to connect automatically.

If the two devices do not connect immediately, go to the settings of the screen, then choose System, then Display, and make sure that the TV mode is selected, and you can then adjust the resolution on the TV to match the TV screen.

We learned about 3 wired and wireless ways to run your laptop on TV, try the one that suits you according to your capabilities.

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